So did u guys get any new item?

Winter Marcus? Crome steel kait, ghost gaming weapons skins look good.

I haven’t got anything because I think i havent spend any money on the game.

I received a blood spray for some brand of some sort… however I dont use such features in the game.

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Got the Marcus and he looks really good in game imo got the kait aswell because I am the overlords cash cow to be milked


lol jajajajajaa you have to stop man !! jajajajaj

Can’t I have all these rod pics now so I must use them

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Chrome still looks really awful, just sums gears5 up tbh. I don’t see why they wont go back to black steel


I got Snow Bunny Marcus, and thinking about the NRG skins. They look nice.

@Mark36111 one question, you mean Marcus its dressed up like a bunny like the playmates models ? with the rabbits ears and all that ?

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Totally worth the 1000 iron.

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ok man , I think Ill go for it jajajajaja = )

Nope, cause a skin isn’t worth the $10 in iron for it. Maybe if iron could actually be earned in game somehow instead of the 250 you get for going through Tour of Duty, but at those prices TC is out of their mind.

Your supple teets please God Fergusson, squirrel.

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Hahahah :rofl:

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Don’t understand why the winter Marcus is $10 but the same skin on kait, del, jd can be gotten for free. Meanwhile unique-looking skins like skeleton kait and inside out gear are only $8 and blood moon imago is free. That pricing doesn’t make sense to me. No way I would pay $10 for a version of a skin that is free on other characters. Like someone else said it would have made more sense for Winter Marcus to be a golden gun reward to incentivize us to play the mode.

I’m wet

Not this time, Marcus is way too overpriced although I’m glad to see the marks and bloodsprays now showing at reasonable and more appropriate prices.

nop I keep my free iron for a future paduk skin or good weapon set