So...did they just forget about Fahz?

LT. Fahz isn’t bad.

They should have left him with his hair.

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Yeah. Military crwcut like JD would be better than bald. At least leave a buzzcut or high and tight or fade. He looks like the guy who plays Imhotep in the Mummy films.

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Yea, but Prescott had different VA’s, so that would make sense.

For reals he looks exactly like that …was wondering who he reminds me of …

Baird and Tai are both voiced by the same person.
It’s not uncommon or strange to use the same voice actors for several roles. What’s important is, they can differentiate how they sound well.


Mac is Scottish. Mc is Irish. And each are prefixes, the same way the English use Mr, Miss, Mrs and so on.

Howling Mad Murdock in Gears3 was the only one that mattered though.

yeah we already addressed that ahahahha :smiley: