So...did they just forget about Fahz?

I was waiting to see if the weekly store would continue as normal and now that the nomad skin is up just wondering, where the hell is Hivebuster Fahz? His skin was the one I was most looking forward to and since everyone else got their turn and the new store debuted I figured he’d be the first skin they’d put out. Guess TC hates Fahz or something.

Hivebusting is beneath him, frankly.


how could anyone forget “the magnificent beast” Fahz?

folks really care a lot about what outfit their dolls wear nowadays, don’t worry, TC will smother us with skins over time.

Edit: I want Leprechaun Mac


You magnificent beast


Mac is not Irish.


I’m still waiting for delivery driver Emile.

Eh I just want a decent skin for Fahz, the winter one is alright but the simplicity of a reskin gets old after a while. Most other characters have at least one skin that really changes things up and right now Fahz mostly only has short shorts. As far as Mac goes I love the bearded look.

@jvergoth yeah and Kait never played Thrashball :roll_eyes:

@sewersockpuppet yeah Fahz doesn’t have (what Dana refers to as) a “chase” skin, off the top of my head a Terminator influenced skin (ala Arnold Schwarzenegger) would be dope, maybe they could give him a skin that blows us away who knows?

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A leprechaun with a Scottish accent would be weird. But then, I’m Irish. :wink:


There’s a difference :joy:

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He’s too busy putting out fires in the Australian Outback

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The nickname Mac comes from his surname, Macallister. His first name is Leslie. His lastname is Irish in origin. He has an Irish accent. He sure as hell ain’t Brazilian.

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This conversation has been had.

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Well at least we have someone of ‘Celtic’ descent in Gears. TC and Epic love their Latino and S. E. Asian cultures. What would Pad Salton be considered by the way? They really brought Alex Brand in before someone people were actually asking for. No one asked for Alex before Judgment came and went.

On the off chance gamers read the novels (glorified Gears 3 advertisements) before 3 came out, he’s the only recurring character that has never been in the games proper…and he was chronologically still alive as of Coalition’s End, which takes place around a yr. prior to Gears 3. Hell, Barrick was dead but he got a flashback sequence dlc story and a starring role in it.

At least Fahz has British and vaguely Middle Eastern descent ish covered.

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Not to get too off topic here but speaking of Alex Brand and the flashback dlc, anyone else find it interesting that Kait, the new main character for 5 (I say 5 because I really hope this isn’t a trend, please don’t let it be a trend she’s sooo boring.) is already the voice of two other characters in the series? I’m sure that’s been pointed out before but still, kinda odd. At least with the carmines it somewhat makes sense and they even broke that chain with Gary.

It’s not that odd. It’s actually really common in voice acting to do multiple roles.

I guess so but I guess in Gears it just seems weird for me to think about. Then I have to think about the fact that Prescott has like three different voices, which is even weirder.


Really? I didn’t even notice. I wish Oscar would have lived as I guess he only died because Jimmy Smits didn’t want to come back. I feel like his temp replacement did a good job at least. Sounds pretty close.

No he calls other people that doesn’t he? Not himself?