So Collector's Winter Armor Marcus

So is this basically a black version of the Winter Armor Marcus that was in the store a couple of weeks ago? I’m glad I got it via earned iron rather than buying it, because it’s quite a nasty move to ask people to pay € 10.- for a skin and then release the same skin for free in a different colour =\

You can see the skin in the Operations 2 announcement:


Classic TC move innit!

Remember that time they released the Mock Crying emote for Fahz, then released one for all characters a week or two later? That was full on TC.


Ugh, I’ve seen the screenshot of the Winter Marcus in their official announcement, it’s basically the same. I can imagine such skins becoming craftable after a year but not after a few weeks. This is ridiculous, who at TC thought this was a good idea? It basically means that what you buy in the store could be for free in a short time. I was willing to buy iron to get future character skins but for me this just killed it.

I’ve been trying to keep positive and the new tour overall looks good, but this kind of thing really makes me annoyed.


Gears has been pulling this nonsense since Gears 3. Mechanic Baird, Savage Kantus, Commando Dom and SGE were all preorders that were later released all at once in the Forces of Nature DLC.

I think what makes this whole situation worse, is Winter Marcus being the FIRST unlock in the ToD. Idk, seems like salt in the wound. Lol


I agree, maybe if this was 2 years from now, but I paid like 10 quid about three weeks ago.

If anything this has just made me not buy things from the store now if they’re just going to give it everyone in a different color


Aye, from what I can tell the new ToD looks good and OP2 in general as well. But I was really amazed when I saw Winter Armor Marcus as not just a reward, but the first. It’s not a bug, it’s not unintentional. Someone decided this was a good idea. I can’t believe you let people pay for something and then pull this off.

It basically is the same thing Epic did back in Gears 3 with the LE variants of pre-order characters.

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TC thinks it’s a good idea to lock a Kait skin behind a pre-order of a 500+$/€ statue as well, so this really isn’t surprising to me.

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This makes me laugh so hard.

Mostly at myself. I bought iron at the launch. Probably will never use it.

What skin was that?

Glacial Armor Kait. Don’t know what it looks like in-game.

And while they claim you get the code via email if you preorder, you have no guarantee to obtain the code before the statue arrives, and it costs at minimum 500$\€\whatever that is in £. And even if the code came before the statue and you cancel the order, they still ask a 10% fee of the statue price in advance that is not refunded if you cancel. The worst part of this whole deal is that the skin might actually end up looking good but it’s not worth paying an exorbitant sum for.

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Glad I passed on him in the store. WAY too expensive, and now it’s free.

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Well, it’s supposed to be an extra with the statue, not a skin with as extra the statue. Like you’ve also got that Jack skin with a Jack drone and other stuff for like €/$ 250.-

Yeah… but the Jack drone also doesn’t cost upward of 400 or 500€$, and I don’t know how many people actually care about the statue. Why would they otherwise have felt the need to attach a skin to it? It was up for months prior, and only recently had this skin deal up for it. I’d have taken this for a Store purchase or ToD unlock over the “deal” they now made.

Oh, and did I mention the five Supply Drops almost inevitably bound to give you some useless stuff or measly scrap unless the items associated are specifically set in relation to this bundle?

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They could have just offered someone else wearing winter armor instead of recycling when there is barely any skins to begin with


I believe this was a clear gesture to please the fans that said the skin was too expensive, which it was.

I just think they’re trying to fix their mistake.

Good thing I don’t buy anything from the store. This Marcus skin looks better too

Definitely. Reminds me of Black


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