So can we turn off the kill notification?

Really don’t like the arcadey nature of the “you eliminated” feature, is this toggleable?

What do you mean notification?
Kill cam yes its in the options.

Wait till the game comes out and see…

In TU1 there it says “Added an option to disable down/kill notifications next to crosshairs”. When I turned it off nothing changed. Does anyone know if this is supposed to turn off the “You Eliminated” so and so, because that is how it reads? Again, it does not work for me on Xbox 1.

It affects the down arrow and skull symbols next to the reticle.

Thank you. To clarify, disabling this feature removes symbols that I didn’t recognize were there, but the “you eliminated” feature still comes up?

Yeah. The description says “Show a notification beside the reticle when killing or downing an enemy.”

Yes. That sounds right. I just interpreted that as being the “you eliminated” notification. Wishful thinking, since that feature is below where the reticle would be not beside. Thank you for your answer. I feel like I’m the only one bothered by the “you eliminated” thing, and I just noticed that setting added last night, so I was hoping it would turn it off. I feel like between the inverse omen, the “you eliminated” notification, and apparently these little skulls and down arrows my screen is too cluttered. At times it feels like my character lags or does not respond immediately when all this stuff is coming up.