So Bots replace quitters [KOTH and are in Arcade as standard] but are useless

Why put them in if they’re practically useless? They just stand around, aren’t a threat and dont play to the objective.

@ Coalition
If you’re gonna put them in, at least make them useful or just get rid of them. Does this really need to be said? :unamused:

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They are completely useless in ranked and hopeless in arcade.

I suspected that they were put in place in order to avoid an issue with ranking calculations rather than to be of any actual use.

Note TC has stated the bots are only being enabled for the tech test and won’t be in ranked come full release.


Yeah my dumb af teammate left the game when we were winning the first round and then the other team just feeds kills off the bot to boost their stats. Smh

Better to have a bot than nothing.

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I guess we can all agree by now that no matter what TC does, someone will always be unhappy with it.

Nothing personal against you, yet the people that complain the most about changes are usually the ones demanding a change in the first place. Change this = changed = don’t like it = why did you changed it in the first place? History repeats itself.

Rod specifically said “it is not a demo, it is a tech test”. Some things will stay while others will be deleted, let just wait for G5 to be officially released and see for ourselves.

I want godbots !!

How’s everyones experience been with playing with/against TCs bots in the tech test? I’ve found it to be shocking. Reminds me of ai from back in the day, it’s almost laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.

Although arcade is supposed to be more laid back, surely we still should have an insentive to win? Who’re the bots supposed to benefit in the game? Because they sure as hell don’t benefit you on your team. They provide nothing but crucial points to the enemy team, adding a massive edge to the opposition. Having a bot replace a quitter just seems like rubbing salt into the wound. They’re not fun to play with or against. Take a look at the screen grab below as a perfect example.

I’d honestly rather have a lesser team than these walking die bots. They appear like they’re being played by a blind monkey, literally. Will this be rectified in the final release? What’re everyones thoughts?


I agree with you. But also on the otherhand, it’s pretty standard across all developers, to hear the players outcry for change, but then take no notice of the suggestions and requests actually put forward. When developers do that, their games boom. When they don’t, they ‘call of duty’.

I for one, would like to see TC provide some sort of dev video of them pulling posts from this forum and discussion why they do and don’t like the ideas of said post. Not only for interest, but just to see that they’re actually acknowledging their more commited fans.

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No way. The bots cause nothing but losses. If they’re on my team, they’ll be the factor of loss. Equally, if they’re on the enemy team. I’ll farm them for kills and win that game. Whichever team a bot is on, will lose. Simple.