So Baird gets an explosive kill card that works in general gameplay before fahz?

So Baird gets an explosive skill card that works in regular gameplay, but fahz has his gimped by limiting it to x-ray?

I really hope they make it so fahzs explosive headshot card works outside of x-ray. I loved explosive headshot in gears 4.

X-ray should literally just be the ability to shoot enemies through walls. Nothing more.

Bairds actually isn’t that great. They need to be downed but not out. With execution there are few weapons that can kill a downed enemy. Most weapons used on masters flat out don;t let them get downed. The dmg also seems to be a % of the weapons kill shot. Fahz would make more use of this since he gets more dmg with precision weapons.

Do the DBNO kills sentries get count??? Also they designed this for Escape mode for Baird