So are we good to scrap our extra horde class cards if we've already maxed out the skill?

Or are they going to pull another BS stunt and make your skills be able to reach level 7?

I remember having maxed out many class skills and as a result I scrapped all the extra cards for any skill that I already maxed out. Then when rise of the horde came out and they raised the cap to level 6, I was so pissed because I had many extras that would have brought me to 10/20 progress count.

So does anyone know if I’m good to scrap the cards for skills that are maxed at level 6, or is TC going to pull this BS again?

they confirmed a while back they have no intention of making level 7 skills so you’re fine to scrap

It was a cheesy move to add level 6 skills without saying so from the beginning. You weren’t alone in scrapping a lot of duplicates that could have been used later.