So are we ever going to get these two medals?

missing two medals

I mean seriously, since they can just add an entire event section manually, I don’t understand why they even make such “coming soon” medals. Absolutely pointless. Guess they just don’t want us to 100% the medal section or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


At this point I hope they just remove the extra medals.


They want to generate ‘Hype’ within the playerbase, as we would be curious to know what the subsequent weekly versus events might be.

There’s still sufficient time before OP5 releases. They’ll eventually release the medal details.

But still, there’s been times during OP4 where some of the versus events were stretched out across multiple weeks.

For me personally, my enthusiasm died down a bit.

I don’t know how the rest of the playerbase feels about this.



You’re missing the fact that they mentioned, there won’t be many changes due to the Series X release (which is on 10th of November, which is in about 3 weeks). So basically they won’t do much until the Operation is over.


Trust me, they will release the versus events soon.

This info would have been passed down to TC much earlier. They definitely would have planned OP4 while keeping this crucial fact in mind.

I actually thought they would add those in for Halloween. I guessed wrong.

Seeing how they messed up the recent patches, I don’t trust anyone about anything. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also the Halloween one is kinda special. I’m not expecting another special one.

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Lol. I understand where you are coming from. But I feel this error in the patch was unprecedented.

It seems like that the recent title update broke a lot of things instead of fixing stuff.

Like almost every patch before it…


I remember during at the end of operation 4 during a developers stream someone in the chat had to ask Dana when were we getting the last coming soon medals as well. It caught him off guard and I think they had players vote for the final ones without a special event.

Wow, you are really confident in TC’s ability! Maybe some of your good vibes can rub off on me?

I mean… okay, they probably have an internal roadmap and planned for some future events…? My belief in YOUR belief is starting to waiver a bit here, because they have had “coming soon” for the ENTIRE operation, WHILE ADDING the Above and Beyond and Halloween event tabs as new medals… surely some of those medals could have been the “coming soon” they were mentioning?

Okay, you totally lost me here… Can’t stand by this statement at all.

It was absolutely not unprecedented that this last update broke things in Gears 5. TC has never, EVER updated Gears 5 without breaking something at the same time. Sometimes they break only a few things, sometimes they break a ton of things.

“Unprecedented” would be for OP5 to go off without a hitch…

Wish I knew where you confidence was coming from, because I think we could all use it right now…

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Wouldn’t surprise me if they end up not bothering if only because it would be just my luck that the Operation I decide to 100% something happens to mess it up.

This is TC, not Ubisoft! :wink:

i thought you didn’t have to do those 2 because i got the 3000 coins from the tab already so i assumed it was a mistake from TC’s end

I completely agree too. The past patches which TC has released did break somethings at the same time.

However I feel this recent patch was different. This patch broke A LOT of stuff, far more than any other patch which they released before. I think that this was by far the worst patch that TC has released.
In fact, calling this update a ‘Patch’ would be a grave misunderstanding.

Microsoft absolutely nailed the marketing for the next gen consoles. Naturally, people may try to switch to Xbox for next gen. Due to the lack of launch titles (Halo infinite getting delayed) Xbox game pass is going to be the next hottest thing. And guess what? Gears 5 is available for Xbox Game Pass.

TC is very well aware of the fact that the playerbase for Gears 5 is declining day by day.

Newcomers may want to try Gears 5. This puts a lot of pressure on TC for delivering a great OP5 for everyone. They have very little room for error.

I grew up with Gears of war, I sincerely wish nothing but the absolute best for the franchise and for TC .

All I have left is optimism.

I really do want to see Gears of War as a franchise being successful and for TC to continue making high-quality AAA games.

Doesn’t everyone wish the same too?

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Probably placeholders for OP5 delay apology challenges.

I agree with the first half of this sentence. However, I can’t say I’d be sad if Phil Spencer announced that a new dev were taking over the Gears franchise.

I think you’re right that there is a ton of pressure on TC right now for the Series launch. But there was also a ton of pressure on them for OP3, OP4, and now OP5…

Only time will tell… I just hope that the new dev shares the same enthusiasm as the community has, and create the game with love.

Yeah, but the pressure they face now for releasing OP5 is far greater than any of the previous Operations they had to launch.