So apparently we are getting a new gnasher tuning

Avexys just posted this video. I commented asking we were actually getting a new gnasher tweak and he liked the comment. So here we go again lol


I’m sarcastically surprised


Thank the Sovereigns if this is true.


This is actually exciting. PLZ don’t be bad lol.

Would rlly love a revert to that February gnasher we had for a week way back when. Just hoping it’s closer to this anyway. Can’t stand what we have now.


He said that the gib range is increased but the damage is decreased from what I understand

I knew they screwed around with things and didn’t tell us
There is no need for this.

I dont think it’s out yet.

Net code fixes > gnasher tuning

Just for those few of us that play online.


I wish we could net code fixes


No I’m fairly sure they changed things already.

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Be surprised if they do change anything in this stage of the game.

All for it if the gnashers better though


Hahahahha… Thats the exact opposite of what is needed, bahah…

Ohh, well… I have completely given up on pvp in this game, i cant imagine this will change anything


I mean fixing the net code obviously isnt in the budget

I mean, isn’t he just playing with the tuning testing enabled? This was added to private matches with Drop 1 but I don’t play PvP so idk.

I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. I may try it out myself to see

Gib range INCREASED?! What? As in…getting a gib from even a farther distance? Everyone at TC drunk?


I guess they are trying to shut us up about “I point blanked him?!” :rofl:

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This ain’t new it’s been in customs forever. Pro boy here trying to stay relevant now that Gears 5 is deceased.

This is already in the game in privates, people having been scrimming on it and playing wagers on it for weeks and weeks. Anyone here can go try it out right now with a friend, it’s not that different — you can barely notice the difference.

The movement is more noticeable in the Test Tuning than the Gnasher differences.