So anyways....Gears 5 happened

Just to highlight why these threads can actually be useful.

Normally people are annoyed when the mods don’t let people speak their piece , whereas people are allowed to complain about the game provided they do so following the forum rules.

Furthermore not every thread needs to be specifically aimed at developers, some can be Gears fans having a good time chatting to each other.

There really isn’t an issue here


You’re trying hard here. Going past the actual op. I see through you.

Escape doesn’t return and wala 10 times worse already.

I normally get people accuse me of going way too far shutting down discussions, this is a first for it being in the opposite direction.

I am trying hard to have a proper discussion but you keep ignoring my points. Hence why I repeated them in an attempt to have you acknowledge them. Would you prefer I didn’t try to have a reasonable discussion with you?

Rather than making comments like this perhaps try to explain what you expect on the forum.

If you were in charge what lines would you draw as to what would or wouldn’t be acceptable? This is a serious question

^ I mean, how is this a good thread? This is trash and the forum is full of it putting people off and hurting the game’s reputation. It fosters a certain type of community and new people and people who do enjoy the game looking for somewhere to go won’t bother.

I was asking you serious questions, you have chosen to ignore all of them and just once again complain about this thread being open, which both myself and @TC_Sera have told you is fine.

Please just stop.

If that happens is because the consumers are not satisfied with the final product

It just unavoidable that such situations happen with Gears 5 i’m afraid

yes but im looking forward to when gears 5 has all the content they planned to release.

Hurting the games reputation? What is he even talking about?


@GhostofDelta2 don’t listen to the riff-raff. We love you.


This ^

My DMs are always open for anyone suffering, or just needing a little TLC*

*£75 per hour, charged up front, additional £25 if you’re crying.


Will there be hugs?


I don’t know man … Gears 5 right now doesn’t even have a stable playerbase much less a reputation, it just plain looney tunes such statement.

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Absolutely! - Anything you could want & wish for!*

(*for a price :wink:)


Ill give you a hug for free man … after all we’re friends :slight_smile:

hahahahahah :smiley:


Snuggle with that instead…


hopefully they bring back beast mode
also bring back some locust horde mode units, the variety will be insane

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I prefer to look forward on getting testicular cancer than gears 6

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my god man … that was something I’ve never read in this place before.

This game is shot. I still play here and there but I don’t love it and I don’t do long play sessions anymore. Hour or two max, when I do play at all.

This game, like any other multiplayer game is going through its decline. I don’t have hard numbers but its something you can feel. You see it taking longer to get matches, even in King of the Hill. Running into the same players in back to back matches more often. Pros and relevant content creators aren’t putting out much fresh content on Gears 5 anymore. You see the posts on this forum and there are more than a few people that are bored or frustrated and have moved on. They are looking for the next game to play and quite a few have even gone back to Gear 4.

Come November 19th, I’ll be moving over to Night City and will be announcing my retirement from Gears 5. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: