So anyways....Gears 5 happened

I think number 8 is where we’ll see some real ideas come through and some decent amount of maps / content.



I really liked the introduction of classes in 4’s Horde, and by the end all classes were highly effective on all diff levels… Yes, even Soldier… Weapons were good, even if some old weapons were nerfed in an attempt to push new weapons (dropshot for boomshot, embar for longshot).

Gow4 was my introduction to PvP too, everything before was PvE only. By the end i loved it… Movement, wespons, controls, responsivness of controls, etc. I even appreciated the core vs comp differences… I do believe that the two shot down range of the core gmasher needed to be shortened a bit, maybe 15%, but beyond that, i loved it…

No one was more hyped for G5 than me…

Then… 5 drops… And i am like W…T…F… is this??

PvP: completely nerfed explosives… Movement like running through mud, speed and responsivness wise… Reload controls which jam the gun when trying to.chainsaw… Input buffering/loss during animations… Characters which blend into the background, maps where you just shoot at shadows because of lighting… (Will not mentions what has already been fixed)…

PvE: interesting changes which by now mean the only problem is perks: perks are necessary for numerous characters, on higher levels, but are really expensive to get, especially with hosts not wanting anyone to perk until mid+ through the game…

Ammo starvation in horde is stupid…

Anyhow, yeah… 4 was great! 5… Not so much…

I was really hyped for 5… I give zero thoughts to 6, it will probably be screwed up, more TC efforts to come up with new ideas, which will fail…


If they are going to make the game easy for everyone, I prefer that this gears not arrive, it was a tremendous disappointment at least for me in terms of skill, look at what it cost me to reach a diamond in 4 and in this it was super simple everyone can become master in gears 5

Gears 6 surely can’t be worse than Gears 5, that would be one hell of an achievement.

All they had to do was improve on Gears 4. But no, some individuals wanted to take a risk…and now no longer work at TC. Well played.


The devil has gotten into that beast.

It’s too soon to think about 6, and we were warned of the descent in op2.

If anything, an apology would be the best right now because gears 5 left a bigger impression then the rift worm did to Jacinto.

I have a slightly different but related feeling…

In gow4 i really enjoyed the challenge of moving up, i was proud of onyx… In g5, couldnt care less, never tried to get out of silver, because i just hated the game play and what it took to win/move up.


what legend level are you my man @Omen_LP ?

about 240-243… It’s slowed down since I run out of iron and refuse to buy more :slight_smile:

jesus man… im in 21 I think hahahahahha :stuck_out_tongue:

No silly. 4 was TC. Epic did 1,2,3 and J. Silly clown


Touche sir.

Honestly I’m just surprised no one beat me to that.


They need to add milestone rewards and leaderboards back like GoW3 had. It give players a reason to keep grinding

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The drop in ammo capacity from GoW 4 to 5 was really jarring to me. 24 longshot rounds down to 15, I wanted to scream! At least they’re separating classes from characters which was my personal biggest gripe.

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yes, looking forward to 6.

Wish List:

I’m not sure how I feel about the open world element in 5. In theory it was cool but the amount of uneventful time on the skiff was pretty boring. The one danger you could run into (tornados) were super frustrating because if you died you usually had to do a large section of the map over again. Plus I got the skiff bug (stuck in the sand) which was annoying.
Maybe better AI . AI is basically the same except you can take less damage on higher difficulty.

A better and more consistent versus mode without the myriad bugs (mostly a consistent Gnasher and without the net code issues ) , More Playlists, and MORE MAPS .

For whatever reason I couldn’t get into Horde on Gears 5 the way I did on Gears 4 . On 4 I played an TON of Horde. I liked building up each class of character. I started playing as Heavy , but ended playing a lot of Sniper and Scout. Even some Soldier. Never loved being Engineer.

On Gears 5 Horde I was like ,meh.

I’m curious on other opinions of Gears 5 Horde from others. What do you think of it?

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Why is this useless thread still open?

its not useless man … people are saying their feelings about the game… what’s wrong with that ?


Why do you care?


Look at the last 3 posts above yours:

You have people stating what they care about for future installments.

That information is useful feedback for the developers.

Granted not everything in this thread is useful but its not abusive or profane laden rants either,

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This is awful. You’re a moderator and you let these threads thrive. The op post of this thread is useless.