So anyways....Gears 5 happened

Anyone else looking forward to Gears 6?


A bit bored mate?


Yes sir


The campaign, yes. If they bring back Escape as well, yes. Otherwise it’s a one-time-playthrough on Gamepass.


If the PvE is worthwhile, or at least Horde is, and doesn’t have an useless/unnecessary hero system… then yes. Otherwise it’ll likely be Campaign only/mainly, then.

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“So anyways…Gears 5 happened”


I was looking forward to Gears 4,

Then high hopes looking forward to Gears 5,


There’s much to look forward to going off the effort level of 5…

Series is going backwards & other games moving ahead with the times / trends.

Sad to say,

Sad to see.


4 was epic


4 was good,

Could have / should have been better,

But solid initial entry.

It just went downhill after imo.


I don’t forget waiting 2-6 hours for one game !!


I’d rather see Gears 5 lives to the expectation first then we could anticipate another edition.


Horde is whack!!! Gears 2 horde was far more enjoyable


I look forward to each Gears of War game. I was hyped for 5 until all the garbage changes they made to it. Although it has been getting better, still haven’t played much at all since my homie @ll_R_E_D_l got a job again. Anyways, I am looking forward to Gears 6. Either way, I will play it for sure but like Gears 5, I do not know for how long. It really needs a great campaign and Horde from Gears 4 for me to want to play it more like how I played Gears 4. Put in a lot of time for that game.


Yeah why not ? … I really hope it will be better than 5.

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Hell no. It was good for it’s time but Horde, as a game mode across generations and different games, has evolved way beyond hiding behind a Boomshield for 3 hours.

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It can’t though

Wait until it do some flanking…May be in my dreamz…

I wish we were like 2 years past this games lifespan so we might get it already.

Gears 5 is killing me with this boredom man.
Gears 2 and 3 had a way better horde and multiplayer how is that even possible.


that’s the problem with Gears 5 altogether its so boring man. same monsters to kill, it doesnt even have enemy variety at all.

the inability to use DOM for PVE and that a person has to wait 4 months for that. . just plain moronic.


Honestly they knew that everyone wanted Dom for PVE. But they only had the main story cast, escape characters and guest characters lined up for abilities.

So we’re stuck with the same cast til November and if OP 5 gets delayed I’m probably gonna drop gears 5 until it releases. I’m sorry but theres just nothing to do right now.

Map pool is terrible, pvp is still buggy, PVE is a bore and the enemy variety just puts me to sleep. Idc what anyone says DB’s are boring as hell to fight and it doesn’t even make sense for us to fight them in horde considering in the story they’re on our side again. But w.e PVP doesnt have to follow the continuity rule so why not.

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Honestly I’m looking forward to 7 more than 6

6 will be the end of kaits boring trilogy, nothing more imo

7 still has a blank slate to start what will almost certainly be the next trilogy, a new hopefully more interesting story arc that fingers crossed will see

The creation of better enemies

The end of robots meddling in my monster game

The return of some much needed weapons (tho 6 could do that)

A return to “destroyed beauty” after 6 starts a new war??

Hopefully better character arcs

I’m sure there’s more I could grab at but yea

SEVEN FTW :blush:

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