So Anchor's passive has hidden limits (imagine that)

Doesnt seem to work for heavy weapons…

Of course no mention of that anywhere…

More hidden, behind the scenes, weaoon by wepon, card/passive/ultimate micromanagement and tweaking…

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Huh. Are you sure?

Me shooting a salvo through the shield or not through the shield gave the same damage numbers…

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Trishot doesn’t work but the Mulcher and Buzzkill do.

As Mac or another person? Cause it’s onyl supposed to work for teammates :wink: so hush now.

It says ANYONE…

You mean anyone doesnt include YOU?

So i guess THAT is the hidden restriction then…

I’m 100% certain it was teammates when they first changed it. Stealth-changes ftw…

So only team Scorpio ?

Teammates as in NOT Mac. Michael mentioned on the stream that the passive was supposed to promote sharing the shield ( which clearly didn’t work btw)

Yes that’s how I understood that…Only if your Keegan or Lahni :eyes:


Just had a thought. Imagine Keegan could make his ULT circle smaller lol. honestly wouldn’t be surprised at players who would this if so lol.

Also I naturally assumed everyone else got the damage buff instead of Mac.

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Would prove how stupid they are. Healing module only kicks in within the ring so they would handicap themselves by doing so.

Unless you mean treading in the drop for free mobility. That would actually be an interesting change.


It is like keegan’s “called shot” replacement, it ONLY apllies to OTHER people… Like wtf…

I hate this BS os having abilities which only help OTHER people. Imagine if keeganvs ult didnt refill HIS ammo. Of cog’s team revive didnt work for the cog…

Ut’s BS, IMO. Forced “team work?”

Anchor is not that powerful, it absolutely sucks the shield passive doesnt work for him.


Excuse me, what?

And the shield works for him with most weapons.

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I think Salvo, Trishot and (maybe) Cryo are the ones that do not work.

Hi guys, there were no intentional changes here. It sounds like the barrel of some larger weapons may be poking through the shield, preventing them from getting the bonus. I will take a look.


If an ally fires a Trishot through the shield, it still does not get stronger.

Right, so i guess it is back to the passive being misleading…

It does X: unless you are the person holding it and/or unless you are using one of these weapons…

It is like sarah’s old heavy ammo capacity… Yeah, UNLESS you were holding a trishot or a cryo… Apparently those werent heavy weapons…

I hate this type of misleading, inaccurate, inconsistent treatement of perks, cards, weapons in this gsme.


Breaker mace heavy attack through the shield doesn’t do increased damage either. Not that I was expecting it to, just a fun fact.

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And a Sire can grab you through the shield too…