So about matchmaking

Has this been discussed numerous times? Most likely.

I don’t mind people that wanna play in stacked teams. I get that it’s competitive for them and it can be fun. I don’t play in stacks. But every other match i come across I’m playing against a 4 stack. Rarely do I ever beat them because I play solo and i choose to do so. There should’ve been a playlist for stacks to play against other stacks.

Is this a useless rant? Most likely. It’s just frustrating being crossed by lancers from all angles, although when the beta tuning was implemented in koth it was sooo much better. But that’s a different story. Just wanted to vent out my frustration.

Hate to say but TC has made a calculation that in order to find matches quickly they have decided to sacrifice the experience for solo players. Some solo players like going up against stacks, but be prepared to lose a lot of matches.

In gears of war 4 TC made koth less likely for solo to be matched against stacks but it was at the end of the life cycle. So they do know how to do it. I wouldn’t take stock in the ranking system either if your worried about it. I got diamond 3 solo but anyone can get carried there in this system.

You must be talking about KOTH?

Yea unfortunately. I’m not really into the other game modes. I know koth is probably the sweatiest of them all but it’s really the only one i enjoy.

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I too am a solo player.

I made it till Onyx 1 in OP4 KOTH. Couldn’t progress anymore after that as my opponent team would always be full stacks and I would get matched with other solo players in my team. We would lose every match as the stacks could coordinate amongst themselves, and we solo players couldn’t.

When OP5 arrived, I completely stopped playing KOTH. I played the other ranked versus game modes instead.

Me too. I really enjoy playing KOTH. If TC had some matchmaking system in place to match solo players against other solo players,(and stacks against stacks) it would have been perfect.
Sadly due to the declining playerbase its not possible for TC to implement this system.

Koth is all I really ever play, maybe some FFA here and there. Iv’e of course been against many 4/5 stacks, beaten some but yea mostly lose it can be frustrating when you’re constantly being flanked. At least they added a solo bonus and if a teammate quits,

I mean this was good move on TC’s end.

But if you are up against a full stack in higher tiers(Onyx, Diamond and Masters), and your team is solo players like yourselves. Then you are very much likely to lose the match badly.
By ‘badly’ I mean that even with the inclusion of solo bonus and a teammate quitting, you don’t earn enough GP to recoup the ‘Match entry cost’. So when the match ends, you are left with a negative amount of GP… just waste of time.
I consider a match a ‘waste of time’ if I don’t earn enough GP to recover my match entry cost.