So about Marcus’ Ultimate

Perhaps I am interpreting this wrong, but it says he generates 25 stim per second while living legend is active. He also has a card that increases his stim capacity. Seems great so far, except when you pop living legend, Marcus himself does not generate stim. Upon reading the card again, it seems to only affect his allies. Sucks I grinded him to 16 and he does not even receive the benefit of stim at all. Hopefully this is a bug or something. Other characters can generate stim on the regular, but Marcus, the “tank”, cannot and has two cards linked to stim… ugh!

Btw how can Kait receive stim without executing?

So upon further testing, it does appear to give Marcus stim, eventually. Certainly does not do so at the rate the card indicates though. Feels like it is every 3 to 4 seconds instead of per second. Del’s healing repair wrecks Band of Brothers when it comes to stim generation.

it gets decent once you level up the card to level 5.

But how long would that take without buying scrap? I just unlocked Kats Halo perk. generate stim when not damaged for 8 secs. Next lvl looks like it cuts the 8 secs down to 7. If the pattern stays the same then level 5 would be 4 seconds. That sounds sweet but its a gold card. Without using scrap how long would that take to max that out? A really long time. This was before I realized Del has twice as many perks as her. Only reason I lvled her over Del is I like her armor, id rather have an embar early game than an overkill and I prefer her ult over Dels.

It’ll take around 100 or so hours. I know as someone who has played Marcus for 50 hours already and about half way there.