So a new playlist called "Classic Horde" showed up?

So earlier saw a new playlist that said it was classic horde. No fabricator, No class’s, Just your squad and the default loadout. (Lancer,Gnasher & Snub pistol.)

When i played it the map was on river, No fabricator, no perks just like the old days. Everyone managed to clear all the 12 waves but if a player get K.I.A that player is out till the next wave.

I did take a screen shot of the players names and the challange perks i saw. But I’ll save it for the devs if either they want to see it in privite or if it ok to post it.

Still i excited about it. :smiley:

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It went out a little earlier than we intended. It will be back soon with proper rewards associated with it. Glad you had fun.


Defently. ^_^b

Howdy, thanks for investing the time and effort necessary to make this a worthwhile game. I respect your decision to stick with it all this time, despite the understandably lukewarm response the game received at launch. If Relic had been in charge of GW5, they’d have dropped it like a hot potato the moment it was poorly received.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I was wondering, are you folks in the dev team planning on making Locust skins usable in PvE?
None of the enemies in horde mode are Locusts these days, so I don’t think it would cause any confusion.

Do you think pick up weapons might be added to this playlist soon? Really give it that Gears 2 feel.