So 8 shot gnasher will be back in OP4? TC's OG Gears 5 plans FAILED!

After the adhesion changes, the movement changes… The lancer clip revert changes from 30 to 40 now THIS!
Wow… Gears5 really IS a failed experiment… Soon it will play like every other Gears…
Just slower and filled with lame emotes… Wow
Sry for this short rant :neutral_face:

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If they slow this game down even more than it is now. I AM DONE.

I said over and over again gears 5 is slow af and significantly slower than gears 4 and everyone and their grandmother said . "No it isnt " yet here were are. Its confirmed even though ryan confirmed this in one of the first developers streams yet. No one wanted to hear it. All they heard was " mario cart boost " yet they didnt actually listen to what was being said.

If they are going to slow it down even more. So be it… i wont be buying the series x anymore. Made my decision real easy. Rather know now than after i buy the dam thing.


im sorry am i misunderstnading your point here ? what are you saying exactly ?

I feel he is saying that obviously they changed Gears 5 in a different direction. Now, they are going back and changing it all back to how Gears 4 was. More gnashers shots, more lancer ammo in the clip and movement changes. Their experiment for change back fired on them and it failed basically from what I am gathering.


They tried to make a sequel to judgment. You didnt know ex people can fly employees work for TC?

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But isn’t it a good thing because now the game is about skill and actually thinking about what your doing?Now people will have to put the white stick down and actually graft for the win lol

Hopefully all the “newbies” that can’t cope without aim adhesion will all go back to minecraft or roblox :joy:

Right, it is good because it’s going back. But it just sounds like he bashing them because they wanted to do things differently without getting feedback from the community, the community bashed them too and they realized they screwed up and now going back to how it should’ve been.

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I agree but rather than say what they messed up on why not state why he/she thinks things should stay or go. It leads me believe he/she hasn’t played since 06. Im all for a dev taking over a franchise and putting their own stamp on things but to rewrite history of a franchise and fix something that isn’t broken is a step to far BUT in TCs defence albeit 6 months later, they have finally listened to the community and taken that 1st step to bring it back to past glories and ultimately i think they’ve realized that like any product, without customers or in a games case “players” all the stamps that TC wanted to put on the game are pointless if the game’s going to end up in the grave yard with NOBODY playing it :joy:.

Imo they had some good and some bad changes done to Gears 5 in the beginning but now it might become a 2nd Gears4-ish interation but SLOWER

I haven’t played in months because I was tired of getting lasered down constantly by the OP lancer. Is this still the case?

I hate the emotes too. Randomly just pop up mid battle & screw me over.

I get they’re trying to be different… but I don’t like it.

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What pls?

Yeah still a lancer fest. Training Grounds and District are some of the worst offenders. The melee is out of control too. I don’t know where these people came from. I barely ever got meele’d in past gears.

Ever since I found out roadie run breaks emotes, I’ve been content.

Then you NEVER played Gears UE I guess

I played UE quite a bit. It was the reason I updated to the Xboxone. I don’t remember being melee’d to much in that game.

I melee’d whenever it was a viable option in Gears1/UE since it is VERY strong albeit being a bit risky