SO 3rd Attempt on this new tuning... and .,... no

So, yet again just one games worth and I’m done for the night, Up A’s must be a thing of the past cause the delay of shots is just hilarious, and the gears 2 movement is atrocious. How u expect anyone to wanna use fast timed wall bouncing , strafing and reaction shots when your taking elements away from the game THAT MADE THE GAME!

For one, the gnasher is so unbalanced its baffling… qp or ranked it dont matter. We all just want an actual game that has CONSISTENTCY. Bring back Op 4 tuning and Op 2 speed and you’d actually have a gears game again.

Also can we get some classic game types back like Execution, Wingman, Annex , Capture the Leader.
How about some old characters Jace, Valera(Even tho her and Kait same voice actor) Griffin, Sofia, Barrick, Hunter, Miner, (and yes golden variations). You have all this content from gears 1-4 yet you dont utilize what you have. (Cough Cough Black steel characters we wasted our money on and cant play them in Gears 5).

I kinda feel at this point gears operations are like the game Snakes and Ladders, Sometimes you get a good roll of the dice and get to a good position on the board but then the Coalition likes to snake its way and drag us further down.

Thats my Spill


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