Snub Pistol Achievement

Hello everyone. I’m having major issues unlocking the achievement to complete a mission while only dealing damage with snub pistols. I’ve ran through a scavenger mission only shooting one guy. I’ve ran through the third part of the tutorial as recommended on TA. I’ve gone through a sabotage mission making sure all tickers didn’t damage eachother or any other enemies, didn’t use any abilities, didn’t go into overwatch, didn’t execute anyone, didn’t let anyone bleed out, and it wasn’t in jacked mode.

Does anyone out there have any ideas of what I could do?

I personally did it on the first mission you do as a 4-man squad (on my secondary account too). I believe it’s a scripted mission. I definitely used overwatch (with pistols) and it worked fine. There were obviously no Tickers at that stage - just Drones and Wretches if I remember correct. I don’t know what might have gone wrong.

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Edit: Maybe the error for tracking achievements is back and this achievement is affected?

I did it on my first run, on an Act 1 mission (Rescue), without Jack.

I didn’t have any problem when I tried, and I don’t know why you can’t unlock it :neutral_face:

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Tracking is still good for me, so it luckily wasn’t that.

I was thankfully able to unlock it earlier by doing a scavenger run with a scout that was able to finish the entire mission in just 2 turns. In my previous scavenger run, an enemy must’ve been hurt by the seeders/bombs and it counted against me. I’m not too sure what was preventing it from unlocking on my sabotage and tutorial mission tries. But all that matters to me now is it’s over lol.

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