Snowball fight is HORRIBLE!

Who tf thinks this type of stuff up?

lmao :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Instead of having no splash, why not have the freezing effect like when you use the cryo gun?

Make your target move slower for a moment.

But I guess logic left the room with Gears 4.

I played 1 match and literally thought of that idea within 5 sec of playing.


It really is, it definitely is not as good as Thanksgibbings!


The freeze effect would be so nice to have. People are just running around trying to melee and mantle each other instead. Not a fun mode.


They’ve had the mode since 4 I gather.

I played it for my first time about 20min ago and came up with that idea instantly.

The freeze effect is the only logical solution.

And people wonder why some forum members are always posting with anger lol.

Ew yeah its terrible. My shot lands right beneath someone and explodes on their foot yet they dont die. Played against what seemed like an aimbotter yesterday, everytime he fired he got a kill. Never missed once.

It sucks when you don’t know the “rules”, but it gets fun when you do.

Little to nothing in splash damage and it works best if you think of it as a gnasher FFA game. Nothing but direct hits within gib range and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

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I get that this is the viable method to play the mode as it is currently coded, but who the hell in real life packs a snowball together and runs across the yard to smash it in someone faces like a frikkin’ pie?

It’s supposed to be a snowball fight with guns, not tickle the snowman!


The stupid thing is in GOW 4 it was easier to actually have a hit count, in Gears 5 I have direct ly shot a person in front of me and it did nothing, and the enemy got nothing as well.

Adding a slight freeze like the cryo might help but they need to tune this mode better as even point blank hits are not always connecting.

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PvP in gears 5 is as bad as the recent stimulus check



Glad to be done with this crap.

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And yesterday I did some Snowball while using Santa Marcus or Asthma Reindeer! :grin:


yeah i went on and came off within 2 or 3 mins never been back, BRING BACK SHOTTY SNIPES

Enjoying my 12 eliminations. Might as well force everyone to use the rock paper scissors emote to decide who wins.