Sniper Superiority

Anyone else an old-school gow sniper and remembers the days of 1v1s and 2v2s on canals?
I think the sniper community in gow is greatly underrepresented, and the new sniper in Gow5 has ruined the classic popshot a bit, also the aim-assist is too strong now making sniping less difficult.

In my opinion, sniper takes way more skill than gnasher, as the aim reticle on the gnasher is massive, and the strafing involved to avoid getting your head popped is far more skilful because you can actually move a lot more to evade, so you have to be inventive with your strafe to confuse your opponent’s aim whilst retaining your own. Along with the fact the head is harder to hit than the torso.

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Make a private map " with competative aim assist" and only add longshots and execution rules dbno 2 sec respawn 5 sec invite friends

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Also this

I have done that already, but the maps are rubbish for 1v1 snipes, and the sniper just doesn’t feel the same mechanics wise. Also now mouse can be used on gow it feels a bit cheap playing against friends using controller, and if I use controller someone else with a mouse will have the advantage on me.

They should have a symbol showing if someone is playing with m&k . There should also be a filter for this.

Should also give the ability for sniper to break enemy weapons. Shoot at their gun and it breaks.

They should add a timer on how long one can stand still. That could be adjusted in private maps. Or move to get ammo.

That clip shows precisely the root problem with GoW, the client-side prediction isn’t exact enough making the sponge a joke. They trade the smoothness of the game’s appearance, for the hit registration. If we could actually see players lagging we could see their real positions more frequently and have better hit reg.

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That clip isn’t anything you’re saying and it’s explained in the multiple responses to the tweet. It’s the fact that double zooming during the period of a killcam changes the POV. that guy’s position is fine. What you’re not seeing is the fact that he’s actually zoomed in, looking through the scope.

This clip demonstrates the same thing and the position of the cover makes it easier to understand.

In this game, especially in Arcade, the Longshot is the most devastating weapon, especially on Icebound. As a KB/M player it’s almost laughably easy. I remember my first match on that map, going 25-2 or something like that with Markza and Longshot. Was never like this in Gears 4

Yeah, but that’s still the same issue with kill cams not showing what players really see. The kill cam is what the server sees, that’s why the server may not include the zoom, the server also doesn’t always see accurate player positions resulting in sponge.