Sniper mode I have always wanted

May not suit everyone… but I have always didnt really liked how everyone has a sniper and starts off with 1 with no other weapons… I mean don’t get me wrong I had my share of fun with it. But gets so boring…

My ideal sniper mode would be a regular weapon loadout start off weapons with normal power weapons that would be snipers instead or there would be more sniper pick ups.

So u can still have the adrenaline of a normal match but have the caution of snipers lurking around. It would give newbs a better fighting chance imo because not everyone would have a snipe. But r still able to Duke it out and able kill and pick up 1 or just continue to do what they they like.

Be foreal we all see how ridiculously stupid it gets when people r sniping 2ft away from each other only to get a lucky shot…

My 2cents. I am 100% this will never happen but Love it or hate it :hugs:

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I completely agree. I’m sure some people enjoy pop shotting while wallbouncing and spamming movement mechanics to make headshots on you be lucky ones, but I don’t really find that fun.

The way you described would be much better, though it would be annoying trying to find a sniper and having them all picked up already lol.

ya thanks! a gamer can only dream…
if they are all picked up, you hunt them down and flank em blast them to smitherings or chainsaw haha