Snatcher/Team revive glitch

I’m sure others must’ve run into this but if I’m in a Snatcher’s belly and a teammate uses Team Revive, the graphical overlay from being in the Snatcher (red, blurry screen) stays with me for the rest of the round as I’m trying to fight.
Happened to me 3 times and to two other teammates so it’s not a 1 time glitch.

Hoping TC still has enough interest in this game to fix it.


Its my favorite glitch. I like to imaging I took a piece of the snatchers uterus with me when I left and am now wearing it as a hat. “Hahaha stupid snatcher, you are beaten!”


Short answer; no. the problem is that they need a decent size team to fix the major bugs and at this point they don’t want to invest the time and money to fix them and would rather just spend that money into gears 5 to make sure these bugs wont happen in that game, which from a player standpoint is one of the worst things they could do, but nothing we can do about it.

Ha Ha, When i read this i immediately thought of The Simpsons Halloween episode when Homer leaves the grand pumpkin and says “I cant live on the outside”.

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That’s not a difficult glitch to diagnose or fix though, nor would it require a team. Glitches where the trigger is not known are difficult, but this is a matter of a repeatable circumstance and them simply coding it so that the team revive event triggers the Snatcher to vomit instead of the current, flukey respawn method.

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I realize it simple, to be honest all that should need to be done is for the Hud overlay to be reset to default when team revive is used to prevent the issue, but from what i have seen even though its a small thing they are not going to fix it and it would be nice to know why.

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It happened to me before a while ago…it seems pretty easy for that glitch to happen so it’s surprising that it’s only happened once to me

We almost never use team revive but found it helpful in the new Horde. However, this happened 3x in one match, and then again in another match. I died shortly after each time because a sniper is kinda useless when his screen is covered in… whatever that is (maybe Teddy can help me out here)…

I’ve heard of an ■■■ Hat. A Uterus Hat…that’s new.

Happened to me the first and only time this week. Went before the end of the round though (?).

Well, the Siphon glitch is still present after 18 months, amongst others, so I don’t think that will help much lol.