SnapSquad @ Headsnap TV building a Horde Wave "Team"

There are Several of us from SnapSquad rocking different gamertags with “Snap” but im looking for Squad mates to rock Horde Waves & most of the SnapSquad family are into Versus. I roll Horde solo allot and PUGs just do not play positions properly, or do not care. Seem to only roll solo to rank up cards or something. Tired of getting into a match and we have a soldier or 2, 2 or 3 scouts, and a sniper with no Heavy or engineer. Then no one seems to adapt or change positions to balance the squad before match starts.

I would like to find people who want to rock Hoard waves sometimes, actually communicate, & work as a Team. I dont mind playing any positions although like anyone else I do have my favorites I just want a solid Hoard squad. Scout who collects the money. Engineer who repairs defenses while spending that money and setting them up, snipers who actually mark Targets, Heavy’s who actually inflict heavy Damage, & soldiers who provide cover fire & focus on marked targets etc. Like I said just want people to build squads and play as a actual team. If interested join SnapSquad HQ on Discord Public Access or you can also find me on Twitch. Some parties I roll with were able to just use XBOX app for party chat but its best to have Discord set up & have access to SnapSquad HQ as some of the PC players do not use XBOX app.

Headsnap TV - www.Twitch.TV/H3adsnap
SnapSquad Discord Public Access -