Smooth, having fun again

I toss both grenades into a ring full of 5 people and not a single one dies. They toss a grenade that’s not even near me and I explode.

Gears Logic. Glad my grenade tosses give them an eternity to move!

Edit: So an example of the crap I’m dealing with. I shoot at this enemy 3 times. I miss the first shot but hit the next two on my end.

Clearly two hits, right?

Wrong, apparently,


Just a reminder…

… this game is a first-party Microsoft exclusive that had millions put into it.

Just like Crackdown 3…and Sea of Thieves…and Halo Wars 2…


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Why dosen’t The Coalition ever comment? Tell us what you’re doing to make the game better. So many gamers complaining about the issues this game has. What are you doing to fix these issues? Can you at least give us that respect and let us know what’s going on?

I just played 3 more matches hoping it will play better and nothing. Shot my opponent 4 times point blank and nope, didn’t kill him. I had 3 people quit because they are tired of this game being so unbalanced.

The worst part is, as much as I want to stop playing this game, I can’t! This is my all time favorite game and it freakin SUCKS that it’s a mess of a game.


I thought they do this on dev streams.

Do they?

They comment on it but they don’t fix it.

For example, why did they create strict parameters to separate groups from solo without addressing the major connection issues first? The biggest complaint about this game is how poorly it runs with high pings so why did they implement something that would increase the amount of high ping matches?


Agree they continuely avoid the biggest issue which has plagued the game since the beginning. By them avoiding it tells us as a community they can’t fix the issue and as a community we now have no reason to believe that Gears 5 will be any different.


I’m having to pull the trigger multiple times on several controllers because the games not recognizing my inputs. Both matches so far have been filled with Mexico players with high fluctuation pings and it’s just been a disaster.

When will this stop?

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Truly the greatest of games.

Man …That game. I had fun blowing through the campaign but the multiplayer doesn’t really work. No one is playing the domination type mode (territories maybe?) so I have yet to get a game of that. 3-5 minute searches for the agent killer mode (team deathmatch) and it’s a 50/50 shot on the servers timing out.

So after being caught in development hell for several years it basically launched DOA. That was supposed to be a flagship XB1 launch title.

We’re experiencing a repeat of GearUE. That game was full of problems and everyone on the forums were voicing their opinions to a deaf wall because minimal staff were left to work on that title while the rest of the crew were rushing to work on Gears 4.

Fast forward a few years and I’m guessing not many people are left to work on Gears4 while the company is focused on getting Gears5 together. I’m sure Micro$haft being the parent company also has a say in how much of their time and resources can be allocated to supporting soon-to-be-phased-out titles.

We have a string of games from Microsoft that share a combination of long-lasting technical issues and lukewarm critical reception.

It’s impossible not to detect the pattern and put the pieces together.

I hear ya and I’m going to say the end doesn’t look near because it’s obvious that TC doesn’t have the smarts or capability to fix it. I have been playing Gears less and less. I left Call of Duty because of all the issues years ago and haven’t played since and if this keeps up it will be time to find another franchise. It’s too bad because Gears is a unique game.

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I havent Noticed any differnce whatsoever…
People are still Quiting just about every game that i play on Core.

The Servers have been Horrible for me filled with Foreigners with High Ping who Lag up the game. MatchMaking takes FOREVERRR now too.

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These issues have been around for a while now. This tells me 1) - TC doesn’t know how to fix the issues.
2) - they simply don’t care.

I’m hoping I’m wrong on both possibilities.

Right after I put this post up the last couple days I’ve had mad quitters! Lol I’m talking about 2 Teammates leaving after winning the first round. This game is just a paradox.

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Well in that case…

Mods! Remove this false thread at once!


People keep quitting because this game is just bad. Why would you want to play a game that lags considerably, unbalanced, sponging all over the place, etc., etc., etc. That is why people are quitting. If they would fix the game, then quitting wouldn’t be such a big issue. But since TC dosen’t know how (I’m assuming here, since the issues are still around) to fix the issues then there will always be quitters, which I don’t blame them.

TC could you answer this question at least. Will these issues be fixed for Gears 5?


I’m sure Gears 4 was like a beta for Gears 5. The next one might be perfect with all the issues this one had. If so I expect to get gears free for supporting them in their darkest hours :joy::joy::joy::joy: