Smooth, having fun again

What game did you switch to playing instead of playing Gears4kbps?

I just finished Crackdown3 a couple nights ago. Going back to finish Deadspace 3 when I get home.
I’m catching up on my backlog of games I’ve had forever but never played.

Well RDR 2 GOTY MASTERPIECE is one of them. Crackdown 3, Far Cry New Dawn and AC Odyssey still.

No internet connection, no server issues, no problem.

Exactly what I was thinking and experiencing as well. TC true to form fix one and break 2 and don’t address the 2 year problems first that would make sense. I guess the old saying is wrong in TC’s world you have to put the cart before the horse. @TC_Vectes @TC_Octus @the-coalition

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I really don’t understand what kind of voodoo magic these high pings use but it’s very effective. There’s no reason I should be experiencing these stutters each time an enemy spikes or has a high ping in general. I accept online gaming isn’t perfect but I have never experienced this kind of lag in any other game so it’s obvious there’s a major issue here.

I’m a diehard Gears fan. By the time I’m done with Gears 4 it’ll be time for G5. But if Gears 5 doesn’t address all of these lag issues I’m out within a month. I won’t settle or tolerate what’s happening now just because they want to cater to the worst possible connection. So here’s to hoping.

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Well said!!! 100% agree and feel the same way.

I don’t understand why this game can’t be fixed. It’s so bad. People quitting left and right, laggy as hell, etc, etc. This game used to be awesome before The Coalition took over. Instead of The Coalition fixing the game, they keep putting out content for us to spend money on. SMH, I really hope they get their act together for Gears 5.

To be fair Gears has always had major lag issues. Even Gears 3 had them if you lived in the Midwest due to being paired with players from Mexico constantly. It’s just were more vocal now and it’s more noticeable as such

You think so? I’ve never had this many issues before and I’ve lived in the same place since Gears 1. This game has so many issues it’s not funny.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing that the higher ranked players seem to just literally rush straight at you, or push even when you have right hand knowing that they’re going to sponge and get the advantage no matter if your shot hits or not, since it’s not going to register regardless.

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It’s always been bad for me. Even Gears 3 was bad because being from Illinois it always paired me with Mexicans. If I played with East Coast friends it was fine but man those Mexicans are so sponges.


They just run at you with a Gnasher knowing damn well they won’t die. I made Diamond 3 by playing with a low ping solo and I feel that I earned it. These high ping/high fluctuation players that got high Onyx or above are not that great unless they can run at you which in a fair match they couldn’t.

I’ve had the same issues being from South Dakota. Constantly connected to Central American players who are super sponges. They rush you without fear with a ping 3x-4x your own taking complete advantage of the lag compensation they are offered.

Pretty much what I experience. It makes every match a battle that shouldn’t even be one. 4 shots into them and only 2 register but it fails to register half the pellets. The enemy then clearly misses me and I explode. :unamused:

They have stronger Gnasher from 5 feet away than my grenades are at point blank.

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The reason people are quitting so much is because the gameplay is so bad, therefore nobody wants to experience that. It’s so frustrating when you are shooting someone 4-5 times and nothing happens, then they shoot you once and you die. How is that fun?!?!? It’s freakin annoying. Yet The Coalition doesn’t do anything about it. That’s even more frustrating. They are lucky they have such a loyal fan-base or else no one would be playing this game. COME ON COALITION DO SOMETHING, DON’T LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THIS. You are lucky we love this game and keep coming back even after all the shortcomings . PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!!

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Horde quitters are at an all time high, a lot of them before Wave 1 even starts

The first two matches were fine but every match since then has been an unplayable disaster. Tons of sponging, teleporting, ghost shots, weapon switching without pressing the input on two different controllers and a whole bunch of nonsense.

Come on now. Stop with the garbage. If this crap continues I’m not even going to give Gears 5 a chance this fall. You have to make the product I purchased right! Forza Motorsport is fixing FM7 instead of releasing a sequel. I want this game fixed so i can see with my own eyes you guys aren’t clueless on the issues. I don’t trust you.

I have seen also big lag lately. used to have 45-50 before but now its allways over 100+++. Is this reliable test becouse it rly looks sad.

Yeah, it’s been really bad. Everything that can go wrong does. The only thing not happening is a solid connection.

I’m about done here unless they fix it. This matchmaking update or whatever’s going on is a disaster ever since Season 6 started. I’m sorry but my 100% Fiber shouldn’t experience issues because players from Mexico want to play with a connection he shares with his whole damn neighborhood.


I just finished playing 2 matches and it was horrible! Come on Coalition, don’t you care?!?!?! Why can’t you fix the issues? Is it that difficult? You sure can take our money right? But god forbid you can fix the game.