Smooth, having fun again

Besides the forbidden to talk about tier situation I’ve been having fun again. Solo queuing finding good games and less quitters. Good job TC


Your post will probably get deleted. Positivity isn’t allowed on the forums


Lol I see

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I have fun now because my I have no more standards for connections, rank, etc. I only expect to, at some point in the night, run across a couple fun matches.
When my friends rage about laggy opponents, stupid randoms, demotions, etc I try to remind them “that’s Gears”, and to just try to have fun.

Truthfully though, the game feels worse than ever for me. Definitely not smooth, and quitting is off the rails right now.


I haven’t had a match in days without a quitter… still as bad as ever!


Sorry to hear that… maybe I’m just on a lucky streak.

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On the contrary I’ve been getting a ton of lag compared to usual. Every match is full of more lag spikes due to the game pairing me with even worse connections than before. I’m amazed that my teammate spiking to 400ms can make me glitch on a server they’re not even hosting. :unamused:

Glad your experience is better. The higher tiers of play are full of lag advantage players. It’s bad. Love when you hit 3 shots and only 1 registers.


I was assuming that you’ve been having a crappy time, considering that you haven’t really been on the forums of late.

Im not too happy with Gears right now. I’m having a lot of stutters when high ping players are present. I don’t understand why I’m glitching when someone has a 90ms but I do. If no one in the lobby has a high ping this never happens. I wish it was my connection so I could fix it but it’s other players causing it and I’m tired of it.


I can’t get the vid to load. I’ll watch it when I boot up my Xbox tonight.

At least you get those gold and onyx games in lol. Then you really get to show off​:joy::joy:

They can’t handle me. :joy:


Those Gold players generally don’t lag. It’s the high Onyx/Diamonds I play that do. I don’t think half of them would even be that high if they didn’t sponge.


I have noticed playing against Onyx and lower less lag, playing all higher tier D1 and up their ping is a constant 100+… hoping that’s a coincidence.


I think I’ll just connect myself to my iPhone hotspot, then put it in a small box and throw it in the woods behind my house. My connection will be so awful, I shall reach D rank :joy:


It’s not. My friends and I see the same thing. I’m not saying they’re not good players but they definitely are succeeding more than they should due to their sponge. Love those high pings that sponge a shot while they roll for 0% but kill you while they’re rolling or stunned by my smoke.

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Same here.

Don’t forget to wrap it in Aluminum foil

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Oh yes!

I’ve been having perfect games for months now, no quitters and no lag…


I love those high ping players that just bum rush you every chance knowing they are going to sponge and use it to their advantage.