Smokes vs Flash Bang

I am just wondering what everyone’s preferences are on the new Smokes vs. the new Flash Bangs. I have to be honest didn’t realize you could change the loadout on this before the match so I have been using just the smokes. I have decided to stick with it though since the Smoke is actually amazing and can negate/cut off numerous Lancers while I assault a cap. And on the flip side prior to an assault I can literally make the opponent have to rush in blind if they choose to. But I have been whacked with numerous Flash bangs (equally effective), I think they actually blinded me in real life they are so bright.

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I feel the flagbangs’ duration and/or radius need to increase to be really useful… Not to the extend that G4 smokes have, but more than they have now…

If that happens, they would be awesome…

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Flash bangs did my ears ring,when having my gaming headset on with plus bass on,I have to wear glasses full time,and they was bright,smoke grenades is longer then previous gears games,which did help me a lot.

with a good team a mixture of both is down right unfair :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Is it me or do the smoke grenades detonate on impact? I never really noticed if they do that in 4 or not.

they detonate much quicker now, yes.

BUT if FEELS like they increased the detonation time for Frags!!! Hate that… Frags are so easy to avoid now…


And the frag blast radius is reduced. No more Nuclear Bomb.

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So basically they took a really good and useful pickup weapon, which was worth fighting over, and nerfed it to the point of it being useless…

Makes me think back to what they did to the salvo in G4 Horde.

I still got killed by a bunch of frags, but then again i couldnt use sound because of a PC bug.

ohhh, yeah, I got a few doubles myself, but it was in highly specific conditions … Ok, fair enough, so not ‘useless’, but far less useful :slight_smile:

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I didn’t play enough to get a concrete opinion, but in general, I find smokes more useful for KOTH. You can smoke off a doorway or path and just wait for people to run though it.

I feel like it’s hard to hit people with flashbangs. It may depend on the map though. If we were still playing Reclaimed in Gears 5, I’d probably prefer the flashbang.

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The flash bang literally needs to be in your face otherwise it doesnt do much.

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But if you get hit it actually does some damage maybe 20% and you cant see anything and get stunned.

I think the flash has a decent range at the moment, could be a little bigger. But if your on the edge of the radius if your looking at them you’ll get stunned but if you look away you wont

It definitely serves its purpose. I think the Smoke helps you cut off lancer fire. The Flash Bang is helpful right before you go into Gnasher battles.

I hated getting grenades tossed at me in 4 because of that. I’d be in the clear cause a grenade is in another room and I’d still die to it.

:joy::joy::joy: yeah man if you saw the frag it was over. I remember running so far away i still get hit.
Im on Forge getting hit by frags from Gridlock.

I killed someone with a flashbang, the person did not take it well.

Third and long FTW

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For KOTH, smokes seemed more useful. Blocking visibility in hallways was really useful to entice enemies to walk right through for easy multi-kills.

Flashbangs are what I used more, but mostly just for practice. They were useful for attacking and breaking a hill.

I think a mix of both if you’ve got a full team will be very useful.

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That’s a good thing IMO. I agree the detonation timer needs to be reduced but the explosion radius should stay where it is. Gears 4 nades have a ridiculous explosion radius.

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