Smokes are absolute trash

With that being said, I don’t think they’re useless but why is it I can’t see though my own smoke but the enemy can? What’s the point of it being a smoke, if it’s some type of grenade the we use to stun that’d be great just don’t have the smoke part if it’s going to give the enemy an advantage.

I think they’re great. I’d marry a smoke grenade if it was a person.


They’re very useful, don’t get me wrong, but the fact that my enemy seems to know where I am through the smoke is total crap.

Isn’t that because they may have marked you or spotted you?
Then can easily see through tac-com.
You can do the same.


I’m aware of that, I’m not complaining about those instances. It’s a flipside because I too have killed people through the smoke that I could see without marking etc, and to me that’s still BS there’s no way I should have seen them whilst they were still blind.

I don’t know about you but if an enemy drops a smike grenade near me i’ll blind fire into the smoke, hoping i get a few lucky shots or gib. with a boltok, aim about chest high and you can get a headshot thru the smoke

The tac com method isnt a thing in gears 4. And tagging is useless cause it doesn’t stay on long enough for other’s to notice.

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It is a thing to me.
If not for others, I’ll still tag/spot an enemy before engaging them through smoke.

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It’s nowhere near as visible as 3, but you can see very slight color difference.

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Question about smoke : the delay of stun…Is the stun delay different when an enemy “smoke” grenade hits us compared to the stunning of its own grenade?

You cant see through the smoke at all. If you have a clever team they’ll tag you up as the smoke is thrown. This is especially effective on koth.