Smh what happened to gears

I was so hyped for this game. I just wanted a reason to turn on my Xbox and game for countless hours again. I’m not going to give you the whole spiel about how much I loved this game. I played Gears 5 consistently for the past week when it first came out. And after the billionth time playing flash bang heaven, I decided to call a quits.

I read there’s a patch today, I sign on…


Read how to get them

“Wait. I have to play horde to 50 rounds? Each?! I have to play escape!? I have to craft a totem !? Only one works while active?”

Smh I just wanna know who came up with this clever idea to lock characters behind tedious grinds. On top of that, the update said “it should take about 10hrs per character”… LMAOOOO so you want me to put in 40hrs (which it will take longer) to unlock characters? Bro I work a 40hr work week and I’m telling you, that’s not happening. I’d much rather clock in another 40hr work week for real money.

No wonder this game is dying. On gears 3, I had 30+ people online with a friend list of 60 people. That drifted around 15-20 for a month. This gears, I have me and 2 other people :joy:.

The TC needs to stop imagining how they want us to play the game. Let the community decide. Put challenges in the game that are reasonable, and respectable to our time. Everyone knows the community has people that exclusively play certain modes. Horde, escape, are both boring to me. I don’t wanna play against bots. I can’t imagine horde players getting bodied in versus just to unlock a character.


This game will now be known as Gears of SMH


To be fair if you would rather work than grind to get the totems completed you could just buy the characters…I am obviously not supporting paying for things like that on this game but I’m just saying if you don’t have the time due to work commitments and earning money but you still want these things then just spend a small amount and buy them. I personally just unlocked them as I played except for the horde and escape which were not that hard. I played horde while I watched the football on easy while I barely even tried and I just ran through the surge in like a minute every now and again…I can however see how crap having to do all this horde and escape per character is as I am a pvp player and I felt like they were putting me in a situation were I either pay for the characters or spend time doing things I don’t want to do.

See, when you say you can just buy them, that’s exactly what TC wants. Why is it that on Gears 3 I unlocked characters just by doing simple tasks and having fun. This game is asking me to be ABCDEFG, just to get 1 simple character


I don’t agree with being forced to play PvE to unlock characters when I simply have very little interest in doing so, but I don’t think the amount of overall time required per character is too bad.

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It’s annoying to have to play what you don’t like, TC designed it that way though, it’s easier to buy and it’s made in a way to tempt you to spend. I won’t do either, the totems should have had options like 10 waves of horde or 10 wins in TDM for example. I’m not playing at all. If they sort things out I’ll return.

Don’t mind the idea but I dislike the fact that you are forced to play Horde and escape.

Feels like grinding a seriously achievement

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Imo it should have been earn XP and possibly a more general challenge like the cog gear assists that way you’d be able to unlock playing what you enjoy

None of the people on my friends list whom I played GoW4 with are EVER playing Gears 5… NONE…

I will, at best, see 1 maybe 2 other people on Gears 5…

It took me less time to find a KOTH GoW4 game, solo, than a solo KOTH Gears 5 game…

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The game isn’t aimed at us, it’s aimed at kids, who’s parents will buy them skins and if they don’t they will have a tantrum. Easy cash for TC and Microsoft. I can’t see 6 being the same though. New console comes out in 13 months, gears 6 will be a launch title imo, this was just quick cash to them and to trial game pass. Why you think its not finished? And so buggy? Question is are you sticking with xbox for gears 6? Or are you jumping ship? Sony and Microsoft can’t compete like this for much Longer.

I only play escape, nobody likes horde but 50 waves is easy half afk with randoms, and forcing me into a broken multiplayer experience for 5 minutes isnt too bad either, focus on real issues or leave coalition alone, they’ve made so many mistakes and we all get it, but the same 5 posts are flooding the boards daily, find new issues that are real issues like flashbangs/flash bang bug still out there…

I spent a ■■■■ ton of iron to roll objectives for tour of duty I have zero interest in the medals in those tedious game modes i dont want to play. I am almost at general and i canr wait to be there then I am not spending any more iron and could care less where I fall on the tour. General Raam is awesome but I am not completing that tedious totem or playing those boring game modes so I am never getting him same goes for warden and the other characters. TC does not respect the playerbase time and that is when games go down the tubes. Destiny took a lot of flack for invalidating players time in game by nerfs and making items irrelevant after the power cap levels raised. They eventually developed a system that let you keep them relevant but I digress. The point there is they fixed it because people were mad they were wasting thier time and rightfully so. There seems to be disconnects with a lot of developers in triple a games and the playerbase it’s way too common. Hopefully this game will hit a point where TC will admit they are wrong and work to keep the playerbase happy. Granted you canr keep everyone happy but the numbers for this game and all the problems are very telling a large majority are not happy with the state of the game.

Unfortunately grinding and online only titles is the norm these, you can blame people like Ubi for spreading that kind of influence. At least here they don’t force a net connection in the campaign (or Versus) like Ubi is doing with Breakpoint.