Small extra-things they should add to GEARS 5

Small things they should add to GEARS 5

  • Random for pick maps the game have lots of beatitiful maps and sadly people only pick the same ones
  • Random “Look” for your character & weapon skins
  • Random picking the mode u wish to play Core modes Guardian, KoTH, TDM, Dodgeball.
  • Leaver penalty should be tied to the Console or PC. People can bypass too easy the leaver penalty swaping profiles.
  • KoTH single round 220 points with dynamic-random "weapons spawn"
  • All the characters you unlock can be used as BOTS on private matches im sick of fight every match vs same 5 bots.
  • If season last 90 days the max amount of “QUITS” a player should be allowed can be 30 before is perma-banned via hardware that season. So swaping profiles will not work anymore. Yeah my dear leaver u will have to wait for the next season to play Core-Modes & Competitive. Quick-play, private matches, horde and escape will be waiting for you
  • Thrower penalty should work like Heros of storm if the player do not dealt a certain amount of damage will be kicked and 1/30 “quits” per season will be burned.

Im sure this features will make GEARS 5 a better game punishing the trolls and give us a lot more options to customice.

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An astounding no to all above. Gears is the only game that kicks me back to the main menu and makes it impossible to rejoin.

No to randomizing everything. Player input to the map, and especially the mode, matter. Without that people will lose interest or quit even more.

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Dude give it up and stop with the KOTH one round

I just think we should reward not quitting and definitely no to 1 round KOTH in Ranked. Random match types should be there as an option, but you can still select individual modes if that is what you prefer.

I remember in Gears 2, if we didn’t like the two maps on display, we would try to time it so that the votes were tied right as the clock went to 0. Then you had a random map since there was a tie.

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all of that sounds horrible

Of course players can still picking manually “Maps”, “Characters & Skins” and “gamemode”. The random thing is just an optional feature.

  • Vote-Map appear 3 maps + 1 random
  • Character-screen appear + random button
  • KoTH 2 rounds unless they reduce that to 150 points per round and increase the leaver penalty at the point im saying will work in 2.5 years the mode have a brutal amount of leavers “PEOPLE cant resist 30 minutes on a match”. Im TEMPTED to make a stream of 15 KoTH matches and post that here to show TC and the forums how unplayable is this mode yesterday we end 2 vs 3 lol

I need to say: If you want stop CHEATERS, THROWERS, GRIEFERS and HACKERS. You need to think like one of them you wlil not stop them thinking like JEFF-KAPLAN in OW “Everything is a pink magic world”.


Do you want stop of hackers? One time per week change the MEM of the game with a small 512 kbs mini patch. This will make ther trainers obsolete EVERY 7 DAYS + easyanticheat will make them WORKOUT hard for their cheats.

Do you want stop the LEAVERS? Ban them via CONSOLE HW or PC HW these 30 minutes. ATM everyone can bypass the leaver penalty just swaping profiles.

Do you want stop the GRIEFERS-TROLLS. Well put a severe thrower penalty if they dont perform any damage-kills to the enemy they got kicked out of the match. This kind of people stuck a TURBO-CONTROLLER on a wall and ruin the matches for everyone

Final-Note: Is imposible to stop Leavers, Hackers and trolls but is posible make their LIVES miserable at the point that will be a reduction the amount of players behaving on this way:

Lets say im a TROLL-LEAVER. I will think twice before leave a match if i only have 30 “QUITS” per season also if i see my turbo controller stucked is not working to “throw” then i will stop doing that.Even before play GEARS 5 i know i need BEHAVE like a NORMAL-PERSON

You keep saying this and you are wrong. Yes some people quit because something came up in their life. But 95% of the people that actually quit are because they are losing.

Dude at this point i will not CHANGE YOUR MIND.

  • Even if make a STREAM 15 KoTH matches to prove you the amount of leavers: You will say “Oh is because everyone is just waiting for gears 5 so nobody cares about 4 anymore”

  • Even if i swear to you in this 2.5 years KoTH was the mode with more LEAVERS you will not believe anything i said lol

Fans like you and me will stay even 35 minutes if is necessary on a KoTH match because we have HONOR and Enough BALLS lol. But the average “Kid” is to play fornite, apex, CoD 4, BFV is used to have 7-10 minutes matches and they can’t resist the 30 minutes. He will just “Leave” take the leaver penalty and go play fornite LOL.

Im not putting arguments of my ear. When i suggest single round KoTH 220 points that last 10 minutes matches. So the average “Players” can resist finish the match.

Koth? 1 round? LOL

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I never said that

I never said you were wrong about this. What I keep saying is people quit because they are losing not because of how long the match takes


Not sure what to say about this but however I agree on one thing and that’s giving us the option to edit characters/skins and loadouts for bots when playing offline lan or online private matches. I would love to make my own custom battle scenarios just for fun.