Small developer request PLEASE (custom fps menu)

Could someone please tag a TC rep for me and HOPEFULLY (pretty please) they can pass this on to the team. Thanks!

The request is to change the drop down menu for fixed FPS in Gears 4 (pc version) to let the user enter their desired fps instead of the current 60/90/120/144 options. Games like Overwatch have implemented a similar change.

The reason for the request is that Gsync works best when frame capped a couple frames below the monitor’s refresh rate. When fps hits or drifts above the refresh rate it either tears or reverts to Vsync behavior which introduces more input lag. There’s a lot of info about this on

Obscure request, I know, but it should be very simple and help a lot of us with gsync monitors. Thanks!

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Just an FYI @Me0wMix_CatFood, you can tag someone by putting an @ symbol followed by their username. A drop box will show up with similar names for you to select.

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Thx for the help brother. I know you’ve explained that for me before but I couldn’t remember how to do it. Tech stuff sticks in my head but I fail at even the most remedial social media related tasks. :smile:

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This really needs to be a thing.

Would really appreciate custom values

or at the very least:

97 / 117 / 141 / 162 / 197 / 237

That covers all the major refresh rates :+1:

@TC_Octus @anon86589457

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