Small Critique of the Store

This new store is great and huge! My only worry is down the line it maybe massive as they add more to it. To make it easier to scroll through now and in the future perhaps they could add a “Hide Owned” button? Other than that, I would say the UI is clean, and easy to sort through.


Or at the very least arrange things alphabetically.


Are they not? Scrolling through the store (character skins at least), I see skins for Anthony, then Baird, Ben, Clay and so on.

Edit: Oh wow never mind, characters are the only thing close to alphabetical.

Hmm, not sure. All I know is I was looking for a certain blood spray and noticed those were not in alphabetical order.

However, there is a chance they were and I am just being an idoit. :smiley:

My biggest complaint with the store is no Islander Lahni.
Where is she?
I logged in on my lunch break for the sole purpose of buying her and was DENIED.

The weapon skins are very good as full sets but now my partial sets that already have … am I going to get gears coins for the duplicates if I finish a partial set with a full set?

I am also wondering how the people that spent money on individual Kryll weapon skins feel now that the whole set is as much as just 1 or 2 was. But I’m not vested there since I didn’t bite.

Not sure if they addressed buying a set when you own a few of it already, but my guess for the Lahni skin is every week they will have a new featured item(s), be it old or new items. I’m just glad they at least added Delivery Driver Mac, or the community would really be in an uproar!

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Delivery Driver Mac gave me hope for Lahni - then TC dashed that hope.

We all know the real reason why Lahni’s skin wasn’t there, but Mac’s skin was, “Back by popular demand!”. Honestly though, that Lahni skin was like the first thing in the store if I remember, I hope it comes back soon for you!

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I understand the disappointment, but give it time. They will continue to add stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll fill the void by hammering grubs with Lizzie’s dropshot and mulching them with clayton :smiley:


That’s great at the store change in op4,and many items can be purchased,i hope that golden legendary items can be putted on sale except the esports, for example some legendary weapon skins in op1-3,and the rank banners in op1-3 tour of duty .I did’t got some of them in op1-3 and i hope these items can be purchased in follow-up update,they are also delicate.If it can be,i am willing to use iron to purchase them.Thx tc.

TC needs to add in eSports Kait. I couldn’t watch that stream, but I did part 1 for Gears of War 4. I’ll drop money to buy that skin. Now if only they could sell the thing. TC do you want my support or not. I hate being bitter and resentful but some game decisions drive me to that part.

You know its a problem when you are willing to give money to the developers but the developers aren’t doing so and you have to complain to the shareholders that you can’t give money to them. Next shareholders meeting…

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I’ve seen a lot of people’s posts about loyalty skins, and I always wondered why TC doesn’t just pull an Epic and make slightly altered loyalty skins. Nothing major, make the same skin but with a navy blue hoodie instead. I maybe oversimplifying it, but then people still have their exclusive skin, and others can still have that look.

Yea that’d be a good idea… I thought of that too as I scrolled through the characters… characters is really gonna get cluttered, already kinda is… if not hide owned they should at least split characters up on their own inside the character section… that would help a bit

Ala you have Kait, JD, Marcus, ect… click Kait, see all Kaits… click Marcus, see all Marcus’ ect

If I could give you mine I would lol

Fav character to use, won’t even lie… but never use that skin. I tend to rock AAPE or Ice more often than not.

That’s a good suggestion! I was simply thinking (not sure about PC) maybe map “owned” to right analog stick, and sort (rarity, cost, alphabetical, etc.) to the left analog stick.

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I don’t mind if TC releases a variant but with black boots instead of the ugly brown ones I would buy that. Black Hoodie with red is a must though. I’ll drop money for that.

This so I can see a empty store plz.


Well if they see this, ball is in their court to do this.

I have only one real complaint - I earned and unlocked Anthony via the Totem before OP4 and bought his Academy skin with the free Iron I earned. I even played a few matches him. But now, it shows I have the Academy skin but NOT the default Armored skin and says I have to buy it. Very, very strange.

Anyone else have this issue?