Small Character Models

Would anyone be against TC increasing the height at which the small characters sit in cover (i.e Lahni, Mac, Sarah and the T-800)? In comparison to say Marcus or any of the actual swarm its almost impossible to see them when they’re sitting in cover from the same level. The same problem was in Gears 3, 4 and J and has resulted in a lot of deaths because I simply cannot see the person.

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Mac is the tallest character in the game he’s just skinny

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought all versus character models are the same height, the only difference is the width/girth of the model (which affects the size of the invisible hit box).

Mac doesn’t have the bulky shoulders like the other male characters making him hide in cover better.

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Noticed that in escape versus Keegan. Mac would rarely get hit but Keegan would still get hit in cover.

As far as I’m aware the individual character sizes are only a thing in PvE modes. So they’re all the same size in Versus even if the game shows them at individual sizes in the Customization menu.

Lahni is small enough to completely be hidden by a cover in Escape while roadie running though. There’s something to use.

I’m not explaining myself very well, this is all from a versus standpoint too not PVE modes. Heres a scenario:

Say a Scion and Lahni are sitting next to each other in cover if you walk towards the cover on the opposite side you will be able to physically see the Scion first due to the character models larger shoulders but Lahni will remain mostly hidden. Their hitboxes may be the same but what you can actually see over the cover is more in favor of the smaller model.

The change I’d want is to make the smaller character models stand out more and be in line with the larger characters when in cover,. How they’d be able to do this I don’t know but it’s just my opinion.

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I see your point here but I don’t think that can really be alleviated easily. Plus, this kind of seems like it might’ve been the case in previous Gears to albeit to a lesser degree since I didn’t see anyone have issues with it. Like, a Palace Guard or RAAM would be easier to spot than say, Kait, due to their bulky profile.

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This isn’t a character size issue. All characters will be hidden while on cover and not moving.

What I think you are experiencing is when your enemy is pushing up, left or right on the left analog stick which causes the character to become slightly visible above or around covers, as they prepare to move either around (up-A) or jump over the cover.

Test it for yourself in a split screen private match.

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Yup I’m aware of this and off the top of my head (can’t test at the moment) the smaller characters are more hidden during these movements.

Like I said I have no idea how they could fix it, mostly just wishful thinking. Unless they were to put in some beefcake women characters.

Alright. Will you let us know once you test it?

I’ll update the post or this comment and possibly upload a video when I do

I’m pretty sure the hitbox is the same in versus, despite different character models