Sluggers and shock grenades

Best way to control a crowd is to kill the crowd, tbh. Flashbangs just delay the inevitable in Horde. In Escape they have much more value and allow for strategic movement at least.
I don’t think I’ve ever got value out of Flashbangs in Horde outside of panic stopping a Warden that got into our base (which shouldn’t have happened in the first place).

It’s to trust your Teammates :wink:

I enter Horde matches with zero trust towards anyone. They have to prove themselves to me first according to my arbitrary requirements that I will never disclose.

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That’s why the Freeze Gunner Build is underrated.

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Freezing Gunner is so good when you have to control a wild Matriarch that some idiot angered and made her rush into your base and destroyed half your forts. I wish more Gunners used that.

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I started off with shocks when i was playing as combat medic , but i saw that it was getting in the way of our infiltrator so i apologized and switched to flashbangs.

I hate people calling for nerfs whenever they run into something that THEY find annoying. Camera shake? GL and Salvo are kings of that… Thats why explosive classes lost capacity, people moaned and complained…

An annoying slugger throwing shocks does not work with a cqb class. But that doesnt mean the class or granades need to be nerfed… Just dont play games with annoying people like that. If it us so critical for you, create your own game and control who joins and plays. Problem solved without losing abilities.

If people are too lazy to do that, i have no sympathy for them. They want EVERYONE to lose the OPTION to play an effective granadier class because they are too lazy to take a simple step to eliminate/prevent an annoying behavior from killing their game…



Or ask them to switch where possible.
Sometimes people aren’t aware they’re being annoying.

I can see this as a really solid theory, but I doubt randoms use this type of logic. Majority of players are infatuated with how much damage they can present without any teamwork being applied.

Gunner freeze build is by far one of the strongest skills in the game, that can drastically cut down difficulty. Why a lot of people don’t run it, knowing matches can be won more easily? Because it doesn’t generate enough damage to get players that top spot. The obsession with that is the reason for so many wipes.

Explosive stun also accomplishes the same. Of course, doesn’t let you kill the Matriarch faster but I’ve kept plenty of bosses stunned and set up for easy kills with the Torque Bow stun from Concussive Explosives while using it in a Torque bleed build. Or simply kept them unable to go anywhere and kill anything(while of course getting them damaged from bleed at the same time).

Small Tip:Flash Freeze can Do more Damage to Flocks when using Cryo Cannon

I have a standing ban on slugger in my lobbies. Im sure they can deal a lot of damage and what not but spamming of grenades and explosive weapons drive me up the wall lol.

People seem to forget that Slugger gets a nice 110% damage increase with ballistic weapons (Power Shot and Damage Perk at 10), lately I started to ease off on the grenade tossing spam and stick with plants and just mowing them down with a claw.

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Best way to go.
Plant and shoot.

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If only more Sluggers did it that way. So far 99% of them were just annoying frag spammers. Sure it does damage but it’s super boring and obnoxious to watch happen.

I still throw grenades, but I like to get shots off.
Spamming is annoying to all involved, it’s boring for me to do and a pain for those nearby.

I’ve had moments were I’ve seen Sluggers run out of grenades to toss and not know what else to do afterwards, its tragic that they assume that’s the only strategy to use.

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The 110% doesn’t feel like 110% for some reason. Probably because Sluggers don’t get an active boost in the card like every other weapon specific damage card.

Haven’t noticed that until now, that’s a huge oversight concerning the skill card then. Well the grenades do a decent job in softening up targets to mow down with your ballistic weapons at least, hence my earlier mention of planting+shooting stratagem.