Sluggers and shock grenades

Idk if it’s because of the Horde Roulette event, but when has Sluggers spamming shocks became a thing? It’s one of the most annoying things to deal with, and the smaller the board the absolute worse it becomes! If a situation gets tough, there’s no where to run because shocks are everywhere.

No, Shock Grenades always becomes a liability of the Team.

However, in Escape, it’s acceptable.

I think it’s because someone heard about camera shake due to explosive spam so they’re still trying to be helpful or something and maybe they’re under the illusion the skill card increases shock radius.

Why they don’t Spam Flash Grenades rather than Shock Grenades?

Flash grenades don’t give you MVPs.


They definitely not trying to be helpful, lol. It does seem like the radius has increased, but, like you said, it’s probably just an illusion.

Another theory I was thinking about is that, maybe it’s because the dps effect from the shocks kill quicker, giving a better score, then the frags?

I don’t know but I agree since this new event I see more and more shock nades usage. It’s pretty annoying when you are a CQC class. It blocks also ways to revive or progress.
It seems also to be there more often in frenzy as well.

I guess the AOE and area denial is appealing? If you get a wave with lots of flushers then shock grenades can be a lifesaver. I once had a wave 10 featuring Juvies and Flame Poppers. The first 2/3s went fine but eventually all the barrier’s were eroded away by Juvies and the fire, we got overrun. There was over a hundred of them in total!

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It’s the New Feature of that Card ? Why I don’t see the Radius of Flame Grenades increase ?

I’m not talking about the incendiary grenades. The flames are from the Poppers.

I didn’t mention the radius either. Just generally to shock grenades and using them to cover areas from large groups of flusher enemies. Shock grenades last a period of time where’s frags have a one time explosion.

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I was Blademaster and I had to follow around this dang Tactician who was planting shocks on the Foundation daily. He would plant a shock and I would throw a flashbang to detonate the shock, while booing at him.

Then the Nomad started buying shocks too!

And the Demo was also buying grenades

I just don’t understand the existence of shocks. It’s area denial that also prevents anything inside from being able to attack. So why even have flame grenades at all then, since it’s just simply inferior or? it’s made even worse when 8 grenades only cost 500 energy which I believe needs a fat nerf.

That will also have the indirect effect of making 2 grenades more expensive for the classes or builds without grenade capacity. Not too much of a fan of that.

And Slugger frag spamming is kind of obnoxious too from the constant screen shake and the character constantly yelling the same throw lines.


Why? 2 grenades should be 500 energy. If you want 8 grenades, guess you have to spend 2000 energy. I fail to understand how that isn’t fair or reasonable.

Maybe people would actually have to be tactical with their grenade usage then, instead of brainlessly throwing 4 frags at one damn locust.

Locust is too Much…4 Frags at a Single Juvie…

and he kill himself accidentally


Knowing TC they would just change the base price instead of making it adaptive based on max number of grenades. I personally don’t care about the whole “it’s too cheap” aspect but I would want people to be more respectful of their teammates.

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Aside from that user wanting damage points, i’m pretty sure the shock cloud slows down enemies and stops them from shooting as much. I guess the logic is so that long range classes can shoot a little more freely. I first started seeing this a long time ago when Canals first came out.


I use shocks if there’s no CQC (or at least not near by) and I’m in a position with no wires or things.
They deal damage, stop enemies from firing and let me Claw things down.
I did have a lovely CM spamming them when I was Brawler, kept blind firing them in random directions and hitting the team more often than not.

With how awfully this game’s enemies are balanced, I’ve come to expect as much (granted the slugger does have one of the highest burst damages in the game with its frags). Not to defend a braindead player, but it’s quite easy to mess up in this game once and then have it spiral out of control.

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That’s why People playing Sluggers are super rarely to Spam Flash.

It’s literally a Class of Crowd Control.