Slugger class or sarah connor

can i know what your slugger build class?
what card do you guys use ?

thanks :slight_smile:

There’s only six cards to choose from(not counting score boost cards)
Combine the bleed, stim and the GOLD CARD and any other two you want.

Not much to play with but she still can do damage if you use the breaker mace. Pop your ultimate and go nuts on any Scion, stump or carrier.

Sorry wrong class. Her frag cards would be the best. The rest up to you.

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Mate I believe you meant striker class =)


Crap yeah. Still confused with these classes. Thanks.


I use all the cards barring score boost and the legendary card as the ultimate is not that good imo. Devastating in Horde Frenzy just constantly lobbing frags.


In Horde, I would buy Modified Frags from Fabricator. It costs 500 each, which is quite cheap. Then can toss up to 8 Grenades, with massive blast radius. It does pretty well before 2.0x Health kicks in on Master. (Referring to Level 6 cards, of course). You might want to try Tri-Shot / Salvo for later, if they are too tanky for Frags, with Heavy Capacity card. The Ultimate helps stagger Bosses and flyers. The perks are not that important anyway.

In Escape, you would want to go after Frag Grenade and Heavy weapons. I don’t really make use of Gnasher Legendary card much because you can achieve Ultimate easily through any normal damage anyway.

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Grenade capacity, increased frag grenade range/damage and heavy weapons capacity are the three cards that make this class more than viable on Master difficulty Horde.

The ultimate actually works better with assault rifles rather than shotguns so I would recommend holding on to the lancer as a loadout weapon & replacing the gnasher with a freedom lancer.

For this reason, I would say it doesn’t really matter which cards go in the remaining two slots, personally I have the melee damage resistance & stopping power cards but it never really feels like I’m utilising either of those (however it’s worth noting that the gold card gets zero use from the way I play this class).

For frenzy matches, I’d suggest focusing on grenade damage & making sure the fabricator is within easy reach so you can lob away with reckless abandon :laughing:.

For 50 waves matches, again focus on grenade damage but try to get a locker filled up with salvos ASAP as you’ll do more damage with those mid to late game (due to extra ammo capacity via the heavy preparations card).

Also worth noting that the grenade capacity works with all grenade types so you can play this class as more of support role rather than just a straight out damage dealer.

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And if there is a Jack in the lobby he can pick up grenades and stick them on weapon lockers for you (you can’t do it yourself) so you can always have a fresh supply.

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