Sli for gears 5?

Any pc players can confirm sli working for gears 5?


There is no SLI for Gears 5 yet.

There isn’t even Nvidia Game Drivers yet.

They are due on Tuesday.

Support for SLI is not yet confirmed.


Probably won’t even play on pc without drivers for it lol.

It was playing very good without Drivers.

I think the benchmark is more overkill this time round, excellent performance on Campaign and MP.


Hoping for a good improvement come Tuesday.

I wish The Coalition adds multi-gpu support like the excellent m-gpu they added to Gears 4. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

the SLi in gears 4 was amazing allowing me to play 4k with high refresh rate and max settings on my titan XP cards, not I have to run 1 card and use dynamic scaling to make due. They just need to allow the SLi profile in gears 5 from 4 since it’s the same engine and we’d be golden. I think they’re just trying to show off their scaling. I don’t want scaling I want my max fps without sacrifice.


It was explicit multi-gpu in Gears 4, not SLI

Explicit m-gpu is better than SLI or CrossFire and it was amazingly done in Gears 4. Hoping they bring it to 5 soon.