Sled stuck and now so am I

I found a condor crash site in Act 2 and once I was done I came back to find my sled stuck in a snowy hill. I tried to go on without it but it keeps saying I need to head back after getting so far away from it.

Lmao that’s funny but sucks at the same time. It’s unfortunate that earl access has been plagued with so many problems. I have never experienced this in any game I have played. Can’t wait until tomorrow when/if more people jump on. Want to see how their servers react and hold up.

Does rebooting the game help? I imagine it’ll spawn somewhere else on a fresh start

No, I’ve reloaded the checkpoint and rebooted the game and neither worked. I’m going to try to reload the previous checkpoint but I’m afraid I’ll be in the same situation and then still have go through the fight at the crash site. I guess it will be better than running around in the snow.

That sucks man. Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Reloading the previous checkpoint sent me back like 3 fights ago. It was all secondary missions but it’s still not really anything I want to repeat on insane. Still, better than just running around in the snow.