Skorge incoming


Twitter By Post Gears Of War Itself.

Imma need that Chrome Steel Skorge Asap

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Still think it’s disrespectful to Anya that she hasn’t been added, but whatever.


Finally someone at TC not only had the idea of creating hype for the game, they also did with a reasonable time frame. That zombie carmine image was awesome but stupidly released only an hour before the new store content was released.


Called it.

It was pretty much a given really. I mean, there’s not many individual Locust/Swarm characters left anyway. Most of them are based on existing character models and will almost certainly be skin variants (e.g.: Locust Sniper and Beast Rider will be variants of the Drone given they have the same armour design).

YES! Finally. Skorge was crazy cool

Most obvious Swarm/Locust character though, If you can predict something a bit more impressive I’ll give you credit lol.

Edit: Skorge will be unpopular frankly, everybody nowadays just uses skinny/short characters (females mainly) so its not as great as it may sound.

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What was your prediction obi-wan?

I really like the idea of them bring some more comic characters into Gears 5, Hana Cole or something.

Not a prediction, just want something more interesting. Like a young Niles or something idk.

Skorge is cool but frankly he’s huge and isn’t anything surprising.


Say that to all the Grenadiers running around everywhere. Also, Skorge, besides the Kantus and Karn, has to be one of the skinniest Locust I’ve seen.

The HYPE!!!

Can’t wait!!

Hint for Ukkon or just something tied to the Tactics release for consoles?

Also found this little gem.

Pretty sure it’s supposed to be Lizzie.

God I hope this means his arrival on November 17th! The last general needs to come home :raised_hands: