Skorge Exclusive Graphic Novel

Given that The Coalition created a graphic novel with Raam as the Main Character and Skorge being a Main/Supporting character, I’d like to see a graphic novel dedicated to Skorge.

Perhaps focusing on him learning of the death of Raam, wanting vengeance for his friend, but was upset that he couldn’t focus on two soldiers given he needed to lead the Locust Army and pledged that he’d kill and torture all humans, especially those close to Marcus Fenix. It also focuses on him recruiting the Riftworm and sinking the other cities. Perhaps it could shed more light on how he became Ketor. Vrol was the previous Ketor and I’d like to know how he died.

Considering Tactics focused a lot on Ukkon, I just feel like there should be more media on the characters introduced in Raam’s graphic novel, especially since they’re playable characters in Gears 5. Jermad would make a great protagonist to play as in a Gears game, playing from the Locust side of things. And either a boss or the final boss in a Gears game.


I would really like this, skorge deserves his time in the limelight.


There hasn’t any a whole lot of stories that had the Locust at the forefront besides RAAM’s Shadow and Rise of RAAM now that I think about it. Hopefully writers flesh out more of the Locust generals or just individual troops similar to Harper some day.


I said it a hundred times before and I’ll say it again. If we get a gears game that’s just basically an omnibus where each Act or two is a little short story, even in a live-ish type game like Destiny 2’s expansions, I’d love to see all the little stories play out.

Pendulum Wars? Captain Hoffman? Locust Civil War? Battle in Niles’ lab? Griffin industries/char? Adam Fenix in the pendulum wars? Dizzy/Barrick as Stranded? Harper? Rise of Raam?

Even appease those sympathisers and have an ethereal story of Myrrah harnessing and mastering her connection/control of the Locust, almost like the DLCs in Farcry 6, where it’s all dreamscape but has real ramifications.

When gears inevitably dies, I want to see this. TC has a goldmine and they choose to take out little nuggets instead of going for the boulder. It seriously bothers me. If disney owned this franchise, we’d literally see 17 movies about Marcus. Not that I’d want that but sometimes it makes me wish we had that sort of content.

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