Skins skins skins. How about this I think it’d be amazing

Letting players have the option to choose between 3 character skins or more or less, 5 weapon skins more or less, and 5 marks more or less to be randomized when we play a versus match, horde, and escape. I know not every character has that many skins but roatating the ones I have would be fun if the game could do that for me. I think overwatch does something like that I’m not sure, I never played overwatch but I think I heard that.

I would like each character to have his/her own skin set that would be nice but then again most of the skins are trash and so are most of the characters :joy:

At least let us set different weapon sets on swarm/cog. Also don’t make us set bloodsprays on every weapon or banners on every character. Once again one setting per faction is enough.

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