Skins should be tied to achievements

I feel like weapon skins not only should be in boxs, but some should be only available when achieving certain goals or things of that manor,


Agreed. GOW3 had the right idea where characters were tied to level progression, achievements and those medals.

The events in GOW4 have been popular, but there haven’t been enough of them. I count 8 skins linked to these events (the three Feral Swarm Drones; Griffin; the two Scions and two female COG Gears. We need more like this for Gears 5 and for them to include weapons.

The main thing is that I hope Gears 5 won’t completely shift to monetary purchases and there will still be ways to get characters through game play. I know RNG is a rubbish system, but at least with credits people can get them without spending real money.


There should always be a monetary purchase option.

Both should exist.

Not everyone wants to, or has time to unlock stuff.

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I don’t know. I enjoy it when a new pack drops and the squad rolls up with a fresh set of new skins. Going out on the battlefield and strutting our stuff on all the jealous onlookers. You just can’t get that feeling with achievement skins.

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I think their should be both

Do not…I repeat…DO NOT give them anymore silly ideas man


How is having choices a silly idea?

The more ways to get something, the better.

Plus this is more for everyone else, my interest will only be in eSports skins anyway which will no doubt be paid for only.


I mean hey, to each their own and if whomever wants to literally pay to obtain an achievement, then go for it. I get that you also get the skins too.

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It’s not paying for an achievement.

It’s providing multiple ways of obtaining a skin.

Doing the achievement gets you the achievement and skin.

Paying for the skin just lets you bypass that.

Locking things down behind an achievement that’s a pure grind is more frustrating than anything else.

I’m all for challenge based unlocks but it shouldn’t be the only way to get something.

The timed skins are annoying as anything, especially the ones with the streams on at silly times.

All in all, they should be available to purchase as an alternative method.

I’ll repeat myself for 100th time, variety and choice is always a good think when it comes to getting skins.

It will avoid the countless “when is X skin coming back” or when is “X pack returning”.

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Having both options is fine, but I wouldn’t want all free methods to be gotten rid of in favour of cash purchases.

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I feel like there should be purchase exclusive, in game money exclusive and achievement exclusive, and make the commons and rares accepted on all 3 ways for acquiring them, but make all the legendaries or super rare skins exclusive to one of the 3

Why would you have purchase exclusives only? You would have the credit option people complaining because of the money exclusive and vice versa. Look at the Lambent packs, they were money and with enough complaining (rightfully so) it was switched to both.

Right, I understand what you are saying but Yes, you will be paying for an achievement just like I said. If the achievement(s) calls for unlocking this skin via a timed challenge, but people don’t have time or don’t want to actually attempt it, how is that not paying for an achievement though? Ok great, you are paying for the skin(s) but also an achievement.

I don’t know if your trolling or you just don’t understand.

Paying for an achievement would be buying the achievement itself.

An additional reward attached to the achievement would be a skin.

All I’m saying is the ability to solely purchase the skin without doing the achievement.

By doing so, you don’t get the achievement, you only get the skin.

If you want to do the challenge, get the achievement, get the gamerscore and get the skin, then that’s fine for those people.

But not everyone cares about challenges or achievements, has time to do them or wants to play that way to do it.

I know id like to get my hands on some blsck steel characters, i wish they were always up for sale,

At this point I’d be inclined to agree with you, people should be able to get the skin for a price but after the event has happened and without the achievement tied to it, but in the same vein I feel ALL packs should be purchasable via in game currency including ESports packs.

I mean in all honesty its sad to me we even have to debate this type of thing, when you buy a game it should be everything included but it seems that’s no longer the world we live in, this will be the first Gears game I can’t see myself buying until I’m fully aware of how the servers are after the launch window and post content will be monetised (will just use the game pass access to it)


I agree, I think you should always have a choice of how you want to acquire in game items.

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