Skins, Rare items, and Exclusivity

One thing I disliked about Gears Of War 3, was not the beta. But the items earned from the Beta. While I did earn everything from it, and Earned the Seriously 3.0 Medal. I feel as though Thrashball Cole, and the Golden Retro-Lancer, and Flaming Weapon Skins should have been made earnable at some point. That, and the Socialite/War Supporter Medal sorely needing a patch. (Still needs it, too.)

As someone who has played an extensive amount of Gears 4, alongside it’s beta, and participated in it’s loyalty bonuses. I felt betrayed when I discovered that my rare “Exclusive” Vintage Kait, and Snub were made craftable. However. I did not get angry at the developers for doing this, as it was a necessary step to add replayability and expand upon it’s collections for, well… Collectors.

I feel as though near the end of Gears 5 Lifespan, they should go back through, and sell the Gilded Items as legendary status items, requiring an incredible amount of coins to purchase, so that while it’s difficult to earn, keeping it’s status as " Rare. " And " Legendary " Among peers, it will atleast be earnable to everyone else in a way, or another.

The same should go for the older operations, and other exclusive items for when Gears 5 has stopped receiving service, and Gears of War 6 is the next hit. As it will provide an incentive for players to, well… Keep playing.

While, i’m not saying that the Gilded Items, and other exclusive gear should be given out NOW. I’m saying it deserves to be earnable when Gears 5 has stopped receiving live service. And possibly starting over when the " Road To Gears 6 " Challenges emerge.

The only thing I’m not sure of, is the E-Sports, and Charity skins, as they were made for a specific purpose, and it’d feel rather strange paying/earning something for a Charity that is long-gone.

Edit: Funnily enough, my reasoning for making this post, was a while back, I lost my Gilded Items due to a corrupted save, back when Gears 5 was quite buggy, and still early in its life. I have a great majority of the items from the Operations, however I feel as though anyone that got into Gears now, or what i’m speculating, Is…

What if somebody got into Gears Of War 5 in… Say theoretically 2025. And Gears Of War 6 is loud and proud with tons of content. How would they get any of the cooler items, such as the Collector’s Items, or the Gilded items. As most of the playerbase would have likely dropped Gears 5, and moved onto Gears Of War 6.

While I do understand the Gilded content is for the loyal players who have stuck to all of the Gears Of War games, they should make them purchasable, or earnable when Gears Of War 5 is finished, and has stopped receiving anymore updates.

Tl;dr allow players to craft/purchase/earn normally exclusive items when GoW5’s service is finished, and GoW6 is in major focus. However, unsure about Charity and E-sports skins.

I completely disagree. If you didnt get something for whatever reason than you didnt get it.

Also this statement contradicts your whole point to me. The gilded skins were made for a specific purpose, pre order skins are made for a specific purpose.

There should be some exclusive items.


Putting aside that I think “exclusive” is meaningless for a virtual item in a video game… TC said this was a mistake back when that happened and had quickly removed the skin again from being craftable. Can’t say if they have made it craftable now post-Gears 4 support as I pretty much moved on after Gears 5 released. I’d missed there was a Gears 4 beta in the first place and would’ve wanted that skin but never did get it… which is irrelevant now anyway.

The reason i’m unsure about those skins in particular, is that yes. I’m contradicting myself, but i’m just not sure what to say on them two in particular.

However, i’m saying this as Gilded Skins and the like are just going to become a relic of the past when Gears Of War 6 comes out, and 5 is long-since left in the dust.

So what? If you didnt get them when they were available than why should you get them at all?

Well. It was exclusive for a time, I feel as though the rarer skins in Gears 5 should have that same value.

Yes, Keep Gilded skins, and Collector’s skins exclusive for up until Gears Of War 5 is finished, however. When Gears 5 receives it’s final update, make them craftable/earnable just so that players have an end-goal.

If they keep them as unearnable, and unobtainable, it will discourage some types of players from even attempting to reach any type of end-goal.

Edit: " Some types " Being completionists, like most of my friends and I.
I’m proud to admit that I have every single achievement in every Gears game up until 5. Discounting the 0G gamerscore ones.

Edit 2: Hell, maybe pull a Mass Effect and when " Road to Gears 6 " Challenges come out, unlock those skins for Gears 4, 5, and 6 for completing the required achievements in Gears 5.
Maybe even add a snazzy quote like " Take em to the past, present, and to the next generation! "

1969 Camaro: I can’t go to a Chevy dealer and buy one anymore.
But I can buy one used and fix it up.
The solution is clear - never make exclusive content any more than you make Islander Lahni skins and then let us sell ours on e-bay for whatever we want to charge.

Problem solved. Can I have my oversimplification achievement now? :laughing:

You do know that G2-Vets got all golden skins for 3?

And I honestly don’t get the fuzz about the Gilded skins, none of them look appealing.

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played gears 4 campaign on my friends xbox and got him guilded kait unintentially, he didnt even know lol. sad i dont have her even though its 1 of my favorite skins.

i dont think they should wait until the end of gears life span to make them available. they should require gears coins only and not iron so that people have to play and earn them instead of just paying for them. it would be just like the poeple in gears 4 playing to earn them, and not paying. doing it this way wouldnt piss anyone off tbh.

and yes, it should cost a lot. talking like 30-50k gears coins.

Although I strongly approve of the new Gears 5 store this operation, I was perfectly fine with the “you had to be there” content. Content like that makes your time spent during that operation, season, etc mean something. The only issue I had with how Gears 5 was delivering content, was this way of releasing content was the source to get EVERY character, including ones like Classic Baird, which we’ve had free access to since the beginning back in 2006. Legacy characters should be made available at all times, for a hefty price of in-game currency or a difficult unlock in game.

People put time into playing out a season to get that max rank reward in the Tour of Duty, or grinding up to Re-Up 10 for Gilded RAAM. That was their incentive. To give that out for Gears Coins would be a slap in the face to anyone who invested their time to get such an item. You say this would be for collectors, but in all honesty, if you’re a collector, you’ll play each season or make time for difficult, time consuming tasks like in Gears 4 for the Gilded characters.

I’ll never understand why people get so mad when former locked content gets unlocked. It’s a virtual item with no real world value. Though this depends on how things are obtained, like the blood moon Imago from gow4 that’s something that shouldn’t just be given out. Since it was a dev only skin given to special community members for finding Easter eggs in the game. But stuff like pre order bonuses and beta skins should be fair game. Another example of something that shouldn’t be unlocked would be Adam Fenix from gow3. He was a special part of the collectors edition or the gears of war Xbox 360. But TC made the vintage Oscar that came with the gears 4 Xbox one available so I guess my point is invalid

I think you’re right when you say it depends on the item and how it was obtained. Although I didn’t mind the old system/store, the one we have now is better in every way. But OP is referring to the Gilded characters, some of those took time and effort to obtain in Gears 4, especially RAAM and the Black Phantom skins. If those release for coins I’ll be annoyed. You have to consider players time (and $) invested into getting a certain skin/character.

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Gilded characters are something that I think fall under the"it doesn’t matter if they release" because most of them legit took like 20 minutes to get. Like JD I think was killing 20k juvies? Or something like that but we had the jingle juvie as a custom game mode so it was ez. I think the only one that took more effort was raam? I think he had something to do with versus.

I don’t think the black phantom skins should be released tho. Just because black phantom was such a highly requested skin since we got the original phantom skins and we had that glitch that showed them as black when dropped. And anyone that got them deserves to have a special set

That’s what I was referring to, have the option to either purchase them with iron, or coins only.

Preferably coins only.

So,It may be need a transaction System in the game that some people can trade any items from their warehouse to get what they want.