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Skins not showing up

(Dontsmoketree) #1

Skins not showing up from the stream what should I do.

(NUBinbound) #2

they can take up to 1 week to show up i think but usually instant so i say just wait a day or so and screencap the “claimed” message for proof then ask TC on twitter or something

(Dontsmoketree) #3

Okay cool yah I’ll make sure to screenshot it

(NUBinbound) #4

alright, good luck on getting the skins

(Dontsmoketree) #5

Yep appreciate the input man .

(EVIL 0NE) #6

Please check this out:

Also please take the time to see if there is a thread created before opening a new topic. This helps reduce clutter, and keep discussion organized.

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