Skins from gears 4 to return

Am I the only one that misses certain weapon skins from gears 4 like the UIR weapon skins (both the green and blue ones) alongside the armored Kantus weapon skins and character alongside the NCOG Marine characters? I’m surprised the UIR weapon skins haven’t returned since we have a lot more UIR variants not just for the COG but also the swarm side (UIR swarm drone, grenadier and sniper but no hunter or scion for some reason) this time but no weapon skins to go with them.

I can’t be the only one that wants these things back and speaking of which when is the Swarm UIR sniper skin coming back?

And lastly will we ever get this as a possible skin in the future?


well they said that after operation 8 the store will still have new items and i suspect they will be gow 4 variants (less work as it would be matter of upgrading the models)

I personally would love the ncog marine!


I vaguely remember TC saying they can’t port skins and they still have to be rebuilt,

So how “easy” it is, only TC would be able to really answer.

So not all skins are 100% decided?

Yeah but even so rebuilding is easier than designing from scratch. Or at least I’d imagine.

I thought the character-specific skins were really cool. I’ve literally been hoping for them to bring back the UIR skins since Paduk was released. There’s really no skins that go super well with Major Paduk & the UIR Soldier/Officer, so I usually just use Onyx or Bloody skins.

Honestly, even the Locust Runes weapon skins don’t go super well with most of the Locust skins. It’s a completely different shade of red. For comparison, equip those skins and go view the Grenadier Elite.
On the other hand, they do go pretty well with JD’s burnt arm lmao.

But yeah, so I guess most of the character-specific weapon skins from 4.
So, the UIR weapon skins as well as theCOG Gear, Locust Drone, Armored Kantus, Theron skins, etc.
I like the current Palace Guard skins better than the ones in 4, so those are fine.

As for character skins from 4?
NCOG Marine, V-Day Medic, Tomorrow Anya, Armored Scion, Heavy Scion (Helmeted), OG Elite Drone, unhelmeted Swarm Grenadier & the male Swarm Hunter (even though it’s ugly as hell).
I’m sure I’m missing quite a few, but ya know.

I was about to say “oh, huh. I guess that’s why they haven’t brought back the other Scion skins”, but then I was like wait, their models are still in Horde, though. Couldn’t they just scale them down?

I could totally understand why other skins like Tomorrow Anya aren’t back yet, if the whole “not being able to port” thing is true.

what electronic wolf said is the true, while it takes time, they have model + textures already, so it is a bit faster (without the intention to demerit the effort that takes to upgrade a model) compared to fully designing a new variant

yup highly doubt all the gow 4 skins will come back, bcuz of the “upgrade process” maybe the more popular

it is still good that you put your wishlist in the forum they may look at it and consider it, who knows :smiley: