Skin Loadouts for seperate game modes

I’m hoping we get this again like in gears 4. Just throwing it out there so it gets some attention and isn’t forgotten.


Been saying this the whole time. Agreed. Would love to use the hammerburst again as a loadout. There’s so many reasons why loadout weapons should come back, even if it’s just the hammerburst for now.

But back in gears 4 they took it out…soon after that I stopped playing the game.

You mean for weapon skins? That would be nice to have again, yeah. I imagine it’s very low on the priority list, but it should have been done before the game even launched imo.

Seems weird that we have an extra mode even over Gears 4, yet lost the ability to customize loadouts per game mode.

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yea skins. I guess I didn’t specify.

Also missing is loadout weapon skins for heroes & villains like in Gears 4. I have a bunch of skins now, but it sucks that I have to use the exact same skins for Cog & Locust.


Well they made it a power weapon in gears 4 becuase it was too op. There would be 5 man team in ranked dominating. They tried nerfing it but they couldn’t get a good balance. The choice was nerf it till it’s useless or make it a power weapon. I haven’t used it much In gears 5 MP cause it’s barely there but it seems ok. I feel like it could come back as a starter loadouts weapon.

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The fact that this existed in gears 4 but wasn’t brought over to 5 is silly.

A new game should have more features, not less.


Hell yes. I would be ecstatic to see the Hammy return. I know it’s strange but it would make me want to play this game a lot more. I like variety and play styles and mastering different weapons.

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They said that they thought about it but figured it was important enough to work on it and if it does ever come it will be much later down the line

makes you really think of what the hell they were doing all this time


5 basically feels like TC looked at 4 and was like let’s do that again but without any of the good parts.

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Making content to drip feed us over the next few years instead of giving us it at launch so we ended up with a dry game with the exact amount of content that was in the ■■■■■■■ beta.

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sounds about right.

i just knew that the drip feeding would kill the game for me. im one of the few (?) that isnt really hyped about op 2. it’s good but i cant shake the thought that it should’ve been like that from the beginning

im currently caught between, “is the game really better now or is it too late?”

many of us have simply been turned away from the game due to the terrible first impression.

i try giving it a chance but lot of the times i get on then get off without playing a single match because i feel like it wont be worth it. then if i play it’ll just be a few games.


The content they are drip feeding isn’t even worth grinding for minus the character skins but all of them except classic Baird are on the way to general

The game feels the exact same way it did in operation one. We got really terrible content in the t.o.d mostly blood sprays and emotes. Fhaz buff isn’t even noticeable same with the new movement. They gave us lift a map that was remade in gears 4 as dlc after saying they didn’t want to let us play the gears 4 maps we already had in the game outside of custom games because they didn’t want to rehash old stuff.

FFA ended up not getting 2 of the maps we were promised 2v2 is worse in this game because the gnasher is wildly inconsistent and the movement is slow.

Same game same ■■■■■■■■.


This is what I was arguing this past couple of weeks and people pretty much told me to shut up until i played it.

I mean, 2v2 in gears 4 was comp for a reason. Imagine 2v2 core in gears 4

of course 2v2 in gears 5 wasn’t gonna be the same, it was obviously gonna play strangely

I was playing it last night and it doesn’t feel the same at all. It sucks because I thought it would be my reason to play



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We definitely need this back! Wish they’d give it to us with Operations 2. But it definitely needs to be added with 3!

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Looks like it was forgotten about in the end.