Skin Kril for all weapons?

TC please, as a client and lover of Gears I would like to know about the Skins Krill, if you plan to release for all weapons? I loved these skins, so much that in the first 3 weeks I was anxiously waiting to buy … (each skin 400 very expensive, but how I liked it), please answer if it will come out for all weapons or not? because if not, as a customer I would like to know every time I sell skins separately, so decide if it’s worth it or not. thank you


It’s hard to say. With the Windflare, they have only sold a few. Niles, they sold some, and put the rest behind vs medals. Rainbow Swirl was sold, medals, and supply. It’s anyone’s guess, but if they sell well, they will keep coming.

the problem is not this, I think they should be clearer with respect to those who buy, that is, if you launch new skins, post a note of how many will be on sale and if applicable, those that will be available by other means. what we can no longer accept is to remain in this uncertainty, they must respect the customers a little, they must be clear, because these Skins are expensive.

@HordeDragonS if you like it buy it
Why do you have to have the have a whole set?

you didn’t understand … what I’m asking for is an answer from TC, I don’t like uncertainties, I want them to be clear, if they’re going to put something up for sale to the community, that we say in advance if it’s going to sell for all weapons or only part, that is, as a customer we deserve respect. understood?

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I only stick to the main 3 loadouts (lancer, gnasher, snub) when getting individual weapon skins. Knowing they already had the kryll boltok in store makes me assume they’d bring all them back but this might just be a weak week store rehash, if I see the lancer or Gnasher pop up next week then most likely they’ll be bringing them all back and I’ll probably cop this time around.

I think they often don’t know until they see how well it sells. I think they get recycled as rewards/supply if they don’t sell well, instead of trying another 17 times with less popular weapons.

You have my whole hearted agreement and sympathy.
When a cool looking yet incomplete weaponskin comes along it is a gamble that you may never get to finish buying them all.
If they’re expensive then it would be both considerate to the people trying to buy a full set to say that they’re comming AND it would be good for sales because I for one am very opposed to taking this gamble now that I’ve been burned on the warm glow reprise offering.
So… yeah TC - say that you’re going to send them all up front so that you can make more money and not stress the people that you haven’t burned yet.

Already have lancer-gnasher-snub-boltok,but crossing fingers that TC are going to do the whole collection,I don’t mind if they are going to spread theses skin(s)longer in the coming week(s)/ month’s-as I do want to finish this collection.