Skin Idea: Deviant Locust in Gears 5

Although they have not revealed at the moment the skins that will come in this drop 2 and in theory we do not know which skins are coming (heh), at least we could have ideas of which ones are supposed to come

And well, the deviant Locust sound like good options for recolors, at least they would give an additional skin to the kantus and the disciple, and they can put the drone and sniper deviant in the normal drone, or even in the lambent drone, since, technically It is a drone with imulsion, and even though it may not be strictly a lambent, the lambent need skins, I think they need them the most.

And I don’t know, even though I think gabe 5 looks different (his hair is a bit lighter, I think, maybe it’s just my myopia), I think the sid and mikayla models are directly ported to tactics, so They could also do it with the deviants, maybe they are not the most requested skins, nor the best or coolest, but since we will have a down in content soon these skins are a good option to add to the game, and well, I do not know how it works the process of porting a model and adding it to another game, but I feel that at least it is easier than creating a skin from scratch


i would definitely use them a lot! zealot is one of the characters i love to use!

Are cool as hell skins, surprised they haven’t arrived tbh